Pioneering Solutions Conquer Disruption for Tech Leaders

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - Vancouver, WA, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Overcome Agony and Reclaim Your Competitive Edge 

MarketTecNexus, LLC, an award-winning services firm is pleased to announce a suite of Coaching-as-a-BenefitTM solutions to help tech leaders navigate and conquer disruptive forces that impact their bottom line. The last decade has seen a rising trend of CEOs being ousted specifically for failing to navigate disruption. In an era where entire industries and business models are being redefined, leaders are most vulnerable to disruptions that are persistent and rising. The pressure to adapt to the increasing rate of change is felt at all management levels and requires radical rethinking and novel approaches. Coaching-as-a-BenefitTM solutions blend gold standard systems, tools, and practices.  Incredibly effective, the programs inspired a new mission and a vision that encourages massively accelerated productivity for the individual, the company, the community, and the world.   

According to a report from Accenture, 93% of executives say they know their industry will be disrupted at some point in the next five years yet only 20% feel they are highly prepared to address it. Today’s leaders face mounting pressure to improve their company’s performance and solve an array of new complex problems. With expert knowledge cultivated from 25 years at Fortune 500 enterprises and startups, MarketTecNexus partners with leaders at all levels to design strategies allowing them to reclaim their competitive edge. 

Statistically speaking, companies that have a strong learning culture consistently outperform their competition. They are 46% more likely to be first to market, 37% more efficient, 58% more agile, and improve quality by 26%. The impact on the teams and leadership is much higher with compounding benefits. However, Deloitte research shows that organizations have spent billions of dollars each year on Learning content, yet corporate training offerings are lacking and unable to keep up with changing trends. 

Adriana Vela, founder of MarketTecNexus, is no stranger to disruptive forces and understands the urgency of the problem and the shortcomings of existing approaches. Vela said, “Guiding and empowering leaders is our passion followed by eliminating wasted costs and fitting the client’s needs, not the other way around. We also firmly believe no problem exists in isolation and that not all problems are nails so not all solutions should be hammers.” 

The ability to remain competitive, retain and engage talent, develop and inspire growth mindsets, and manage disruptions are among the most cited issues by executives and managers. MarketTecNexus has helped companies get to market 40% faster, increase sales over 75% and cut costs through streamlined business processes with her consulting adaptive growth strategies.  We are passionate about helping leaders achieve long lasting success. With our Coaching-as-a-Benefit solutions, we want to become your future-focused ‘GPS to Success’ by getting ahead of shifting markets and empowering leaders to adapt, improvise, and overcome. It plays to the strengths and expertise of MarketTecNexus where enterprise-class solutions meet the agility of startups without the enterprise-size cost. 

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About MarketTecNexus

MarketTecNexus is a business consulting and professional development firm specializing in market disruption and future-readiness. Its mission is to partner with companies and leaders to create a better way to navigate and conquer disruptive forces through ground-breaking systems, tools, and strategies. Services include executive and leadership coaching, training, workshops and seminars, speaking engagements, and consulting on adaptive growth strategies. MarketTecNexus primarily serves medium growth and enterprise companies in the scientific and tech sectors with solutions designed for teams and management at all levels.

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