PraSaga™ Appoints Former Advisory Member and GE Capital Leader, Corky Bizjack, to Chief Revenue Officer

2022-02-17 03:23:17 - Dammstrasse 16, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Zug, Switzerland, February 15, 2022, PraSaga is proud to announce the appointment of Corky Bizjack as Chief Revenue Officer. Mr. Bizjack will oversee and create alignment between all teams that affect revenue generation and transaction volume to ensure effectiveness and maximize efficiencies. Corky will help build the foundations for PraSaga’s participant experience with the aim of increasing new participants, partners, and blockchain transactions.


“I am excited to be joining the extremely accomplished team at PraSaga,” stated Mr. Bizjack. “In the coming months and years, I look forward to leveraging the successes and innovative approaches I’ve used in the past as well as the ideas from our brilliant executive team, to bring our next generation layer one blockchain to the world.”


As Chief Revenue Officer, Mr. Bizjack will report directly to PraSaga’s CEO Michael Holdmann and have primary responsibility for functions that bring in transactions on the Blockchain. Corky is a highly accomplished technology executive with nearly 30 years of experience in both the Public and Private sectors. He draws from his vast experience in the sales leadership role with GE Capital and specialty roles at Verizon Business and Verizon Enterprise Solutions, which have enabled revenue growth worldwide.


“Corky originally joined PraSaga in an advisory role in 2017,” stated Founder and CEO Michael Holdmann. “His dedication and passion for what PraSaga is setting out to do has been steadfast. As Chief Revenue Officer, Corky’s experience will lend itself to building an experience that will ensure effectiveness and maximize efficiencies globally.”


Bizjack will take a crucial role in PraSaga’s growth during 2022 and beyond. Delivering on revenue objectives, building successful teams, and shaping PraSaga’s focus on participant and partner engagement will be among his top priorities. 


About PraSaga

PraSaga is building the next generation of Layer One blockchain. PraSaga’s technology solution solves many of the limitations that plague first-generation Layer One blockchains. The SagaChain successfully addresses lowering transaction fees, extensibility for supply chains, and significantly lowers development costs. PraSaga is a Swiss Foundation with American offices in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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