Pre employment drug testing offered by InOut Labs helps to make work environment healthy and safe.

2019-04-04 15:34:57 - United States, Illinois, Morton Grove - (PR Distribution™)
Affordable and efficient pre employment drug testing offered by InOut Labs helps organizations to screen candidates prior hiring to have a healthy, safe and productive atmosphere in workplaces.

57% of U.S. employers use drug screening as part of their hiring process. Employers can require a job candidate to pass a drug test as a condition of employment. Pre employment drug testing conducted by InOut Labs can help keep businesses from hiring people with substance abuse issues.

The reasons for drug testing

Pre employment drug testing provided by InOut Labs will help you avoid hiring the wrong employee. InOut Labs' tests help you to identify a potentially problematic employee before you hire him or her. Workers who use illicit drugs are less productive, unsafe and more likely to be involved in an accident. If the job requires that employees be cognitively sharp and able to execute job functions accurately and effectively, detecting substance abusers pre-hire can prevent making a hiring mistake. 

Tim Thoelecke, president of InOut Labs said, “Pre employment drug testing provided by InOut Labs helps employers hire the right candidate and, more importantly, avoid wasting money by hiring the wrong one. Turnover is one of the most expensive problems employers face daily.” 

About InOut Labs

InOut Labs helps employers be more productive and maintain safe, productive, drug-free workplaces. They keep the drug testing process effortless and efficient, Active in industry associations like DATIA, SAPAA and NDASA, InOut Labs stays current with the constantly changing landscape of drug use in the workplace. InOut Labs offers nationwide drug and alcohol testing at competitive prices and with outstanding customer service. 

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