Preferred Health Magazine Up, Close & Personal with Celebrity & Top Physician Interviews

2019-03-01 12:31:12 - USA - (PR Distribution™)

Top physician & celebrity interviews, new medical technologies, wellness and in the know trends all wrapped up in an 8 x 10 glossy. This is Preferred Health Magazine.  

“We look at what’s happening in the world today and how that effects medicine, health and wellness, and entertainment,” said editor Lauren Good. “We want it to be interesting, and about what’s trending. ”    

PHM is published 3x per year by the prestigious medical group Patient Preferred Physicians & Practitioners and has seen notable physicians grace its covers with the likes of Dr. Kelly Powers, Fox5’s go to medical expert and sought after Podiatric Surgeon; and Dr. Sergio Canavero, Italy’s notable yet controversial neurosurgeon, striving to be the first to complete a human head transplant. Celebrity actor/ comedian Jamie Kennedy was also recently on the cover of PHM’s 2019 Winter edition speaking personally about being diagnosed as an adolescent with coronary heart blockage (CHB) and living with a pacemaker.  

Inside PHM's vibrant pages, readers can find professional profiles of well-reputed “Patient Preferred” physicians who have received accolades and positive reviews from patients for their expertise and patient care- a great way to get to know a doctor if you should need one.

PHM's  offers informative and entertaining articles about the healthcare industry and new health studies. trending technology, insights into political effects on the industry; and some sound advice on anything from ‘Where to Retire’ to their ‘Healing Spice’ section,  a holistic approach to cooking.    

“We have such a diverse staff of writers at PHM,” explained Mrs. Good. “Our ideas are pooled together to create what we believe will be of interest to everyone, our doctors, patients waiting in lobbies for their appointment, and anyone with an interest in health and living their best life.”

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