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2020-02-04 12:31:56 - Canada, Alberta - (PR Distribution™)

For anyone looking for a healthy way of consuming cannabis, Mota Edibles offer a healthy alternative to smoking or dabbing.  Customers can choose from a wide range of edible goods, including chocolates, candy, dried fruit, baked goods and the ever-popular Mota jellies.  Mota Edibles are infused with either THC or CBD and all edibles are strictly lab-tested to ensure customers always receive the highest quality with consistent dosing.  Mota Edibles are available to order online at SereneFarms.  


Toronto, February 2, 2020


There are three significant reasons for the increasing popularity of edibles.  Firstly, cannabis consumers love edibles because they are able to accurately regulate their dose of THC or CBD.  Reputable companies, such as Mota, carefully monitor their edibles to ensure accurate dosing, giving users extra piece of mind.  

The second reason is that edibles actually offer users a more potent and longer-lasting high.  Although edibles can take an hour or more to take effect, they can last for a number of hours.  

Finally, one important reason for choosing edibles is that they offer a more discreet, convenient and safer way to consume cannabis.  For many cannabis consumers, the traditional methods of cannabis consumption, such as smoking and vaping, are associated with a number of health problems.  Using edibles avoids all concerns connected to inhaling products and offer an attractive alternative.

Not only do edibles offer an alternative to smoking and inhaling, but they also offer an amazingly flexible method of consuming cannabis.  Brands such as Mota offer a huge range of different edibles to suit the preferences of every user.  

Mota is a cannabis brand based on Vancouver Island, specialising in high-quality marijuana edibles that combine great taste with strong effects.  Edibles include gummies, chocolate, baked foods, dried fruit and even ice tea and drinking cocoa. Mota products are favored by both recreational users and those needing medicinal snacks.  

Some of Mota’s most popular edibles include Blue Raspberry Sour Gummies.  A pack of these sour edibles are infused with 100mg THC and 20mg CBD and are effective in producing a sedating high that can relieve pain and stress.  Mota Gummies come in many popular flavors, such as Watermelon and Cola.

Mota Chocolate Bars come in three flavors- Almond, Milk Chocolate, and Toffee. Each bar is infused with 300mg of THC and the bars can be easily divided into six squares, making for convenient and accurate dosing.  

Mota has worked closely with patients to help provide them with the best cannabis strains and the highest-quality edible products to ensure they are effective in reducing many symptoms, while ensuring that users feel confident in using cannabis in small, manageable doses.  

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