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2020-04-23 11:16:56 - UNITED STATES - (PR Distribution™)

Many people often neglect to learn about the person they hire as their lawyer.  Sure, anybody can ask to see their credentials and learn about where they got their education and started as a lawyer, but do they take the time to learn more about the person?  

Attorney Anthony Van Johnson was born on the Fort Benning Army Base.  If you aren't familiar with it, it is home to the 75th Ranger Battalion.  The Airborne, Infantry, and Ranger school are located here.  

His father was a Flight Instructor, but also an Airborne Infantry Senior Aviator in the Army.  Furthermore, his father was a highly decorated veteran who had a great deal of combat experience.  He was laid to rest in the Arlington National Cemetery in 2005.  He received full honors.

Anthony Van Johnson Atlanta also dabbled in music and was a professional who performed quite a bit in San Francisco and Europe.  He also played with many recording acts and was even in a Big Band.  He didn't stop at music though and ended up performing for two seasons in musical theatre, as well as many other types of performances over multiple genres.

Another exciting thing about Anthony is that outside of music, he trained in, competed in, and instructed martial arts.  Much like the music he enjoyed, he trained in many different styles across the country, including training in Europe.  Anthony O Van Johnson has quite a bit of history behind him!

When asked why he wanted to start his own business, he answered that he had three different careers before attending law school.  He was a professional musician as listed above, as well as part of the U.S. Army Infantry Squad as a Leader.  Along with this, he was a member of the U.S. Army Mounted Color Guard and Drill Team.  He also held the title of Senior Health Physics Technician while working in the nuclear industry.  He is a well-rounded and widely trained individual.

As soon as he started law school, he immediately had dreams of starting his own first. Anthony Van Johnson Lawyer services were in the early stages of fruition, and being a trial lawyer, in particular, was what he had in mind.  The moment he graduated from law school, he was hired by a firm in downtown Atlanta, which led to him moving there as soon as he was able.  However, he did not have a picture-perfect first few days of easy learning and was instead 'thrown to the sharks' immediately, jumping into his first cases.  He took charge of every single criminal case that the previous attorney had, and directed to take care of it.  

While he was in this firm, he learned what trial by fire means.  A year and a half later, he was able to open his firm, thus proving that he was going to pursue his dreams.  He never looked back and has been thriving since then.

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