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Silicon Valley, CA Jun 11th, 2020–The start of 2020 rapidly changed direction when COVID-19 became a pandemic. Although life across the globe became almost unrecognizable, new initiatives and ways of working were established to contribute to the fight against the virus. Startup company Virus Geeks from Silicon Valley, founded by Stanford alumni team of antiviral experts, are the first to offer state-of-the-art disinfection services, environmental coronavirus testing, contact tracing, virus management for commercial & residential.

One of the most important things in the suppression of the COVID-19, besides respecting physical distance and self-isolation, is the disinfection of all areas where citizens live and move. It is for these reasons it is necessary to have professional support in prevention and rehabilitation. Virus Geeks provides real-time coronavirus surface testing, ongoing support, and with COVID-19 monitoring, it is an excellent deterrent to mitigate infection spread. In the event of contamination, contact tracing, executing necessary risk management steps (e.g.: examining of team members working in the workspace same day) can be initiated to reduce shut-down time, labor cost, minimizing impact to operations.

Virus Geeks nucleic acid test methods use Probe-based Reverse transcription-quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) for real-time coronavirus testing is the most modern, advanced technology available has an accuracy of 99%. Their coronavirus environmental testing is a part of their virus management system, the first of its kind, monitors, tracks potential virus contamination to mitigate its spread. Contamination is eliminated by one or several of their seven disinfection methods, including electrostatic disinfection and hydroxyl radical technology.

The Company disinfected over 100 million cubic square feet in Silicon Valley. They are offering Commercial disinfecting service of large-scale indoor-outdoor facilities. Also, office building disinfectant services for indoor disinfection and residential disinfection services. Besides, they are only disinfection service in California to offer on-site COVID-19 environmental tests in real-time & contact tracing.

“The problem with the approach to testing an entire population is a person testing negative today can become infected tomorrow; testing hundreds of millions of people is cost prohibited, and it limits the resources to expedite. Environmental testing is a bottom-up approach; if we locate the pollen, we find the bees”, said Frank Lee, Founder & CEO of Virus Geeks.

Virus Geek is at your disposal for disinfection of all types of buildings, from business premises and residential buildings to households and open areas. The Company uses eco-friendly and EPA approved disinfection cleaners and oxidation technology to exceed CDC (The Centers for Disease Control) cleaning recommendation. All of their disinfectant cleaning services is over 100% more effective than commercial cleaning services.


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