Prosperity Medical Group is a rising 5 star medical staffing partner for hospitals & healthcare professionals

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - DALLAS, TX - (PR Distribution™)

Prosperity Medical Group is offering a premium and comprehensive range of locum services for hospitals and healthcare professionals, with its unique white glove concierge services. The company also promises 24/7 manned support and competitive pay.

Hospitals and healthcare professionals in search of premium and emergency locum services don’t have to look further. A rising 5 star medical staffing company, Prosperity Medical Group, is quickly becoming the new favorite for locum assistance for hospitals and healthcare professionals. The company is steadily winning trust with its top-notch comprehensive locum services powered with exclusive white glove concierge service.

“We are your one-stop medical staffing partner when you need the best locum assistance for your hospital. We have already received a tremendous response from the Dallas Healthcare Community and now we are looking to scale the company nationwide. We are confident our extensive range of locum services, premium features and competitive pricing will enable us to reach our goal successfully in the near future”, stated a leading spokesperson from Prosperity Medical Group.

Prosperity Medical Group assured a powerful team of dynamic healthcare professionals for hospitals who are backed by continuous training and certification. Fast placement provision, convenience of flexible scheduling and top rated customer service are other major reasons why an increasing number of hospitals are signing up with the company.

What separates Prosperity Medical Group from its counterparts is its superior white glove concierge services for healthcare professionals. The company maintains a 24/7 staffing team to provide round-the-clock services. 

“We promise detailed attention to each of our services to ensure the best possible and flawless concierge service for our healthcare professionals. Unlike many of our competitors, we promise 24/7 friendly support to healthcare professionals and hospitals. We know medical emergencies are unforeseen and issues may arise even at the oddest of hours. Thus, our staffing team is ever-ready to cater to your needs exactly whenever you need us. We have a 24/7 helpline number (1800) which is manned at all hours for personal attention. You won’t get a machine-generated response when you call us for help at one o’clock in the morning.”

Additional services for healthcare professionals include:

  • No cost certification
  • Competitive pay
  • No hassle direct deposit 
  • Electronic scheduling
  • And of course comprehensive locum assistance

“As part of our extensive locum services to healthcare professionals, we empower them with online training to keep them abreast of the latest changes and updates in their profession. We extend a versatile line of health, vision, dental, disability and life insurance so that they and their families stay healthy as they do what they love.”

The spokesperson also mentioned about their robust and dedicated HR department to facilitate easy communication between the hospital, healthcare professionals and their support staff.

“We have got a strong human resource department that works to mitigate problems and resolve conflict in a timely and respectful manner.”

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