Putman Financial Group Launches a New Site Focused on the Financial Wellness of Women

03/06/2019 12:00 - TORRANCE, California, USA - (PR Distribution™)

“By design, we help women achieve the lifestyle of their dreams and enable them to deliver on the important promises that they have made.” - Cherie D. Putman 

Putman Financial Group, today launched their (it’s) women focused initiative starting with a dedicated website – Women’s Wellness & Wealth (http://www.womenswellnessandwealth.com).

Women’s Wellness & Wealth, founded by Cherie D. Putman CPA, CFP®, is a cumulative blend of both her personal and professional experiences serving women in both her CPA and Wealth advisory practices. 

Women have different planning needs than our male counterparts – we plan differently, we live longer, we are more in-tune to our health needs and tend to not take much risk.  Due to life decisions, women frequently take time away from their earning years, thus attributing to a savings shortfall in the later stages of their life. Then there are life events that occur, those that we are not in control of: death, divorce, disability, inheritance, caring for an aging parent – that take us off our game.

It is time for ladies to take action and realize that although life is full of transitions, there are actions that they can take to add to their arsenal so that when her path becomes turbulent, they have confidence and continue their process toward a successful outcome.  This can be achieved through Life Planning.

“My experience is when women intentionally engage in life planning – uncertainty is removed, a solid foundation is built and confidence becomes a key factor to achieving desired outcomes throughout life.  This has been proven to me time and time again. ” – Cherie D. Putman 

Putman Financial Group, a collaboration of the professional firms:  Cherie D. Putman CPA, Accountancy Corporation and Putman Capital Management, Inc., delivers tax smart professional services in the areas of: Accounting, tax, advisory and wealth management. 

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