Qoobex Launches First Collection of 3-D NFTs and New HyperQ Blockchain in Partnership with SolPunks

2022-11-23 20:00:00 - NEW YORK, United States - (PR Distribution™)
  • NFT collectors will receive a free 3-D Q phone or tablet with purchase from the first collection of 3-D NFTs launched by Qoobex, in partnership with SolPunks, available on the Opensea marketplace. 
  • Q phone is the only certified ‘glasses-free’ 3-D Android smart phone, with an innovative 6.5’’ 3-D display and 3-D camera, allowing collectors and their audiences to view and share their 3-D NFTs with true immersive 3-D depth. 

NEW YORK, NY, November 22, 2022 --Qoobex – a global leader in stereo immersive 

3-D technologies and ‘glasses-free’ 3-D devices - today announced the global launch of the first collection of exclusive 3-D NFTs through a strategic partnership with Nicholas Sakalauskas, known as “Tractor” from the NFT community SolPunks. Qoobex will be offering a free Q phone or tablet with purchase of one of its collectible 3-D NFTs, through the redemption of the 3-D Non-fungible token (NFT) from Opensea via its HyperQ blockchain portal. Q phone is the only certified smart phone with a 3-D display, and 3-D camera, allowing collectors and investors to view their digital 3-D NFTs assets, in true 3-D. With its first 3-D NFT collection, Qoobex offers a truly new immersive 3-D experience to Q phone and tablet users and 3-D NFT owners by leveraging its state-of-the-art 3-D technology. 

“We are thrilled to offer the NFT and investment communities this breakthrough 3-D experience, that connects multiple innovative technologies,” said Mike Stougiannos, President & CEO, Qoobex Inc. “This new partnership with SolPunks allows us to expand to a new generation of tech-savvy enthusiasts that are always looking for the next wave in technology. This was an organic synergy that allowed us to combine a wide range of our technologies – converting traditional monoscopic 2D assets into immersive 3-D using our innovative A.I. and sharing them on Q phone, the only certified stereoscopic 3-D Android smart phone – and bring them to the NFT space.”

The new NFT collection is now available for purchase on the Open Sea marketplace for $850/$1,000 MATIC (approx.). Collectors have access to a selection of movie classics. Qoobex plans to add French classics, Bollywood blockbusters and trendy collections from the NFT space to their 3-D content collection. SolPunks was the first NFT community to build on Solana, a 10,000 piece 1:1 collection inspired by the infamous Cryptopunks. Their success and pioneering of mobile NFT trading paved the way to multiple bestselling NFT projects the last years. 

“SolPunks is known for its community of early movers and pioneers, being one of the first to embrace mobile NFT trading,” said Nicholas Sakalauskas, Head of SolPunks.  “We are now the first to present 3-D NFT trading on a mobile platform. With the Q phone and tablet, we are giving NFT communities the exclusive opportunity to view and trade NFTs in true 3-D. We are in the forefront of a new era in the NFT space and will keep pushing the upper limits of technology to deliver more innovative experiences to NFT enthusiasts worldwide.”

About Qoobex

Qoobex Inc. is a global leader in cutting-edge stereo 3-D technologies, that keeps bringing innovative technologies to the mainstream. Qoobex revolutionary Artificial Intelligence 3-D conversion technology can convert any traditional monoscopic 2D content, from photos to full-feature films, into superior three-dimensional experiences with full immersive stereo 3-D depth. Q phone by Qoobex is the only certified native 3-D fully functional Android smart phone with a 3-D compatible screen and 3-D camera. Q phone users have access to a selection of 3-D films and video titles converted to stereo 3-D by Qoobex. Qoobex is working with prestigious institutions and universities to teach their students stereographic 3-D filming, 3-D animation, 3-D advertising, and 3-D gaming. The company will be holding its second awards ceremony at Cannes Film Festival in 2023 to honor students with demonstrated excellence in filming using the Q phone, as well as other Q movie production technologies and workflows. For more information, visit www.qoobex.store and follow Qoobex on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

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