Quantum Health Trademarks Once Again Take Precedence. Branding Issue Resolved with Makers of Quantum Silver

2021-12-16 11:55:32 - Eugene, Oregon, United States - (PR Distribution™)

This is some sample content.Eugene, Or December 16, 2021: Quantum Health is pleased to announce another success in its ongoing trademark enforcement initiative. The company reached an amicable resolution with Life Line Foods, LLC regarding their use of the Quantum Silver trademark. Quantum Health would like to extend gratitude to Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients by Life Line Foods, LLC for the company’s respect for the effort put into the QUANTUM and QUANTUM HEALTH trademark brands and the willingness to cooperate in transitioning away from the use of the mark and avoiding marketplace confusion and protecting customer expectations.

Quantum Health aims to provide and protect the quality of its QUANTUM-branded and QUANTUM HEALTH trademark branded supplement, personal care, OTC and other products. 

Quantum Health takes care to produce products of the highest quality. Quantum Health is very concerned when potentially confusing or misleading uses of branding is identified which could possibly result in a false association with the Quantum Health brand. Protection of consumers in trusting the quality of products with the QUANTUM and QUANTUM HEALTH trademarks is especially important within the health and wellness market. 

Third parties’ use of the QUANTUM and QUANTUM HEALTH trademarks on supplements, Over-the-Counter (OTC) and personal care products is not the only use which risks confusion.  Quantum Health also monitors and takes action against use of the QUANTUM and QUANTUM HEALTH marks in connection with cosmetic products, food and beverage products, cannabis products, and other products related to Quantum Health’s offerings. Cosmetics, foods and beverages, cannabis, and other products are increasingly advertised as supplements or personal care products, leading to potential confusion between Quantum Health and third parties using QUANTUM or QUANTUM HEALTH on these related products. Further, the lack of consistent regulation over the still developing legal cannabis industry means cannabis products from some sources may carry risk to consumers’ health. Quantum Health cannot tolerate its consumers being exposed to health risks due to third parties’ confusing use of the QUANTUM and QUANTUM HEALTH trademarks.

Quantum Health continues to monitor the use of the Quantum or Quantum Health brands in every instance including any incorporation of “quantum” into their trademarks.  Quantum Health appreciates the willingness of third parties to cooperate in avoiding marketplace confusion and protecting customer expectations.  

Quantum Health looks forward to continuing to provide reliably branded, high-quality, science-based products that improve the quality of life for the natural shopper in food, drug and health food stores and online throughout the USA and Canada. Visit www.quantumhealth.com to learn more about the company. 

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