Quest Food Management Services Serving Free Meals To Students Across Chicago

2021-02-18 16:34:10 - United States, Illinois, Chicago - (PR Distribution™)

The President of Quest Food Management Services, Nicholas Saccaro, recently addressed the company's employees and explained how a bill passed by Congress lays out a bright future for the organization.

The business was running on lower-capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic. It sent many employees home spring of last year, but the bill's effect will now allow the company to feed children in schools all over Chicago. That's great news for all Quest Food Management employees.

Over the past few months, Quest Food Management Services has been incredibly fortunate. When the bill passed in October, everything changed for the organization. As their school partners signed up for the free meals program Quest Food was able to staff-up to prepare and serve the free meals.

Quest has served over 3 million meals to kids 18 years and younger throughout the greater Chicagoland area.  Free breakfast and lunch meals for thousands of families in need because of the pandemic.

Quest Food employees will stay busy preparing meal kits for children and their families throughout the school year. These meal kits will continue to be available at schools and nearby sites. The President further explained how it had been an absolute pleasure to serve thousands of families in need.

With the lockdown's financial hardships, many families had no income source to buy food. These meals have been game-changers for families living on minimum salaries or those who had to cover medical bills. This act has had a substantial positive impact on thousands of families living across Chicago.

However, Quest still needs help from the employees at home. Saccaro explains how 2020 had started as a year of growth for Quest Food, and therefore, it needs all of the team back on-site as schools begin to reopen.

He implored Quest Food Management Employees to be ready to come back to work stronger than ever. With kids gradually coming back to school, the company will increase the number of workers at schools.

This new year, Quest Food has set its sights on providing exemplary service to schools around Chicago. Mr. Saccaro hopes to see all faces when the employees are called to rejoin the organization once again.

He also addressed the fact that certain employees and their families need financial assistance in these unfortunate times. "For this reason," explained Saccaro, “Quest Food has started the Quest Care Fund program for current employees. The Quest Care Fund application form is entirely confidential, and the committee processes each application with the utmost care and attention.”  The fund has helped over 50 Quest employees and their families since the start of the pandemic.

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