Rapid expansion for China’s private equity investment (PE) market Phoenix Wealth Management predicts that PE will reach a new record high in 2019

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  United States, New Jersey, Princeton - 04/25/2019 (PRDistribution.com)

According to the Global Private Equity Report 2019 released by Bain & Company - a top global management consultancy, the amount of acquisitions disclosed in the past five years reached as high as $2.5 trillion. Johanne Dessard, private equity practice Director at Bain & Company mentioned that private equity funds in the Asia Pacific region owns approximately $883 billion in assets, equivalent to 26% of the global private equity market, and a 9% increase from a decade ago. China currently has 22 private equity institutions ranked among the top 300 in the world. This shows that the private equity market in China has already attained a global position.

Since 2001, PE has become the most active component for the Chinese economy. Apart from gradually getting on the right track of policy and regulations, the most noticeable is the rapid growth of the PE investment market. Whether is it with regards to capital venture or funds investment, China's PE market has shown a rapid expansion.

Joel Harlin, Chief Investment Officer of Phoenix Wealth Management, points out that private equity investment is of great value to economic growth and an important force in transforming the real economy. In addition to helping the real economy enterprises improve their income and efficiency, private equity investment also has significant value in building innovation capabilities.

Founded in 2008 in Canberra, Australia, Phoenix Wealth Management is a global asset management company dedicated to providing corporate finance and investment services to corporate clients and premium retail clients globally. Phoenix Wealth Management officially entered the Asia Pacific market during the end of 2018. Currently, financial centres have been set up in Shanghai, South Korea and Hong Kong and branch offices will be set up across China to provide comprehensive and zero-distance services to clients throughout China. 

Joel Harlin mentioned, “In 2019, Phoenix Wealth Management will be more active in setting up financial service centres across Asia Pacific to expand our strategic layout. We will further expand our business development, operational services, integrate resources and expertise in China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam to meet the needs of our clients in Asia Pacific." "I am confident that Phoenix Wealth Management will be able to attain the global top 300 companies and create a new wave of heights for Asia’s economy under the comprehensive planning of Phoenix Wealth Management."

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