Real Estate Pros Launch BrokerAssist App To Drive Referrals, Collaborative Assistance & More

01/10/2020 09:29 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

CHICAGO – Real estate brokers and tech innovators, Marshall Beck and Dan Spillane, today announced the formal launch of a new app they created named BrokerAssist designed to serve as an on-demand referral pipeline and fractional assistance liaison for licensed real estate professionals across the United States.

“Think gig economy of real estate,” says Beck, BrokerAssist CEO and co-founder.  “The BrokerAssist app platform coordinates real-time assistance with both in-app chat and payment processing, allowing real estate pros to schedule, and pay for, a range of services from showings, open houses, inspections, walk-throughs, appraisals, you name it”. 

BrokerAssist is the first of its kind mobile app for real estate pros to collaborate on fractional assistance needs and free referral networking opportunities. Interested agents and brokers must be active, licensed professionals in the state they request or complete fractional assistance jobs and referrals. The app’s 5-star rating feature allows users to rate both the requesting and assisting agent or broker on each completed job and referral. BrokerAssist also provides white label solutions with customized feature sets to keep the fractional assistance help internal to a specific firm, while still remaining open to referral networking opportunities with outside agents and brokers nationwide.

The BrokerAssist concept was first introduced at the 2019 Inman Connect national conference in July.  After receiving critical acclaim, the app concept went on to be introduced on the stages of other notable conferences and tech hubs, including 1871 Chicago, MRedPalooza, California Association of Realtors (CAR), and the National Association of Realtor’s Emerging Business in Technology forum, where co-founder Dan Spillane presented on the Gig Economy in Real Estate.  Agents across the U.S. are positively responding to the app’s platform: 

  • “Best app ever. I love this tool. It is easy to use, and you can get paid through the app safely. Best thing going!” – Sarah Egan Melaniphy, Chicago, IL
  • “Very cool!!! So excited to use this!!! It’s so needed; thank you.” -- Beverly Bahm, Chicago, Illinois.
  • “This is life-changing for agents like me who are hard-pressed to fit everything into my schedule.”  -- Kelly O'Neil of KW in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Marshall Beck and Dan Spillane are proptech innovators and entrepreneurs. Their combined professional trajectories for the last 25 years have been focused on the growth of technology and real estate. The duo are active members of Chicago’s premiere technology incubator, 1871 and have enjoyed successful careers in Chicago’s residential real estate market for over 20 years combined,  The idea for the app stems from the duo’s constant juggle of life and business demands, from raising their family to meeting the needs of demanding clients and fellow real estate agents.

Marshall Beck, co-founder and CEO, BrokerAssist.  Marshall is driven by a passion for the democratization of technology in commerce and the rise of the gig economy within the real estate industry. He has worked as a Realtor in both urban and rural real estate markets, attuned to the needs of brokers, their clients, and the industry at large.  He has experience in sales, marketing, and administration within the startup scene; his foray into small business ownership prepared him for BrokerAssist, servicing the fractional assistance and referral markets. 

Dan Spillane, co-founder of BrokerAssist, brings 20 years of technology consulting experience from IBM and is currently the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Nerdery, a leading digital consulting firm. Combining this expertise with 20 years in real estate development & brokerage, Dan is an emerging leader in the PropTech industry. He delivers on his passion to democratize technology for the real estate professional with BrokerAssist; the gig economy platform for collaboration and referral networking.

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