Rebecca Zamolo might be the Queen’s Diamond in Bridgerton in real life!

2022-05-30 21:00:00 - Beverly Hills, California, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Rebecca Zamolo has an impossible feat to accomplish, who does she bring to the Bridgerton experience.  Rebecca was gifted two VIP tickets to Bridgerton in real life but who does she bring?  You would think that bringing her best friend who is also her cousin would make the most sense but Rebecca wants to be fair.  12 girls are hand selected and must go through Bridgerton like challenges in order to see who is worthy to present themselves to the queen.  As you know there can only be one diamond. Who do you think this will be? Before everyone backstabs their way through the competition we will see who is pure and true and willing to do whatever it takes.  I mean Lady Susserton has the tea but this might be the whole tea pot.  Tune in to find out what happens.  - https://youtu.be/AbZ6nM7gzYI

For the engaged young and curious YouTube viewer, Rebecca’s channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/rebeccazamolo1 and is on its way to 15 million subscribers by the end of this year.  

Head on to https://youtu.be/AbZ6nM7gzYI to watch. 



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