Recruiting Top-Tier Talent for Competitive Edge Is Focus of New Book: EVIDENCE-BASED RECRUITING

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AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 7, 2020 — Cave Henricks Communications announces the launch of Atta Tarki’s new book Evidence-Based Recruiting: How to Build a Company of Star Performers Through Systematic and Repeatable Hiring Practices (McGraw-Hill; February 2020; hardcover).

In Evidence-Based Recruiting, Tarki argues that regardless of how original, innovative, and well-funded an organization is, they’re business model is vulnerable to lightning-fast obviation by any given upstart. The key to a competitive advantage, he says, is talent.

While most aspects of business operations are based on clearly defined measures of success that are continuously tracked and improved, Tarki states that hiring is still often based on gut feelings, subjective beliefs, and common misconceptions about what actually works. In Evidence-Based Recruiting, he analyzes the latest academic research on cutting edge hiring practices and highlights how globally admired companies—from Google to Netflix—utilize scientific fact-based and evidence-based recruiting methods to institute more reliable, scalable ways of securing high quality talent. 

“Twenty years ago the old saying in marketing was 'half of my spend is wasted, I just don't know which half,'" says Tarki. "Today it's unimaginable to deploy a large marketing budget without measuring the effectiveness of that campaign. Executives at leading companies I speak with are telling me 'Atta, recruiting is going down the same path as marketing did 20 years ago.' Companies are using evidence-based recruiting techniques to improve the effectiveness of their hiring.”

This is Tarki’s first book. He is CEO of ECA, a specialized executive search firm, and leads ECA’s Private Equity and Venture Capital practice, where he supports PE-owned, VC-owned and other high growth companies with filling C-level positions. Prior to founding ECA, Tarki spent six years as a management consultant at L.E.K. Consulting. 

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