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2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States, Virginia, Great Falls - (PR Distribution™)

Following up on the release of his book Reform the Kakistocracy: Rule by the Least Able or Least Principled Citizens, author William L. Kovacs announces the establishment of a blog,, to continue discussing the reform ideas set forth in his book.

Kovacs rips up the talking points hiding the failures of the federal government. Based on four decades of work on national policy issues, he sets out proposals for restructuring a government run by the least able or least principled citizens. 

Kovacs is unapologetic in his proposals:

  • government officials should act as fiduciaries not handmaidens to political parties which are mere associations of individuals organized to take control of our government. 
  • Congress must reclaim the powers delegated to the President to restore checks and balances in government. 
  • Courts must cease being super-legislators. 
  • The federal government must devolve powers to the states for more efficient delivery of services. 
  • The growing federal debt will place all citizens into involuntary servitude to the federal government.

Kovacs adds, “Reform the Kakistocracy was written to foster a discussion of why we formed a government; it is for people, not politicians. It is for citizens seeking ways to place limits on an out of control government.” 

Reform the Kakistocracy: Rule by the Least Able or Least Principled Citizens can be found at bookstores everywhere, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Apple Books

William L. Kovacs has been involved, at a senior level, in this nation’s policy-making process for four decades. His positions include senior vice president for environment, technology & regulatory affairs at one of the largest trade association in the country; chief counsel on Capitol Hill providing legislative counsel on two landmark laws in one Congress; chairman of a state environmental board and partner in several Washington, DC law firms. He testified before Congress forty times and participated in several hundred federal rulemakings.

For more information on the author visit the author’sblog, Amazon Author Central, LinkedIn or follow him on twitter @WillliamLKovacs.

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