RegLantern Announces a Pilot Program for CHCs with Community Health Ventures Health centers now able to access high-quality web based HRSA continuous compliance tools at low rates

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Cincinnati, Ohio (February 3, 2020) - Leading health center compliance company, RegLantern, recently signed a pilot program agreement with Community Health Ventures, the business development affiliate of the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), as a preferred web-based continuous HRSA compliance vendor. Now, Community Health Centers across the nation can benefit from a cloud-based platform that helps health centers move toward continuous HRSA compliance.  


In the past year, HRSA has announced their heightened expectation that health centers work to be site-survey ready and “continually compliant” at all times. The RegLantern tools provide a web-based platform that allows health centers to compile all of their documents demonstrating compliance in one place, organize them, and then share them with on-site reviewers during Operational Site Visits. Centered around the HRSA/BPHC Site Visit Protocol and Compliance Manual, RegLantern’s tools are imbedded with checklists, alerts, and reminders, providing features that move health centers away from episodic compliance toward continual compliance.


In addition to their web-based tools, RegLantern also provides “Mock Site Surveys” using the web-based platform. Their team of experts review health center documents and evaluate their demonstration of compliance.


Health center and NACHC/CHV leadership believe that RegLantern’s web-based compliance tool will help health centers create efficiencies, improve outcomes of their Operational Site Visits, save money, and achieve HRSA’s expectations.


“Our team developed these tools out of our experience as health center leaders and independent consultants providing HRSA reviews”, said Kyle Vath, RegLantern CEO. “We saw that health centers around the country waste so much time, energy, and money ‘cramming for the test’ right before their HRSA Operational Site Visit rather than moving toward continuous compliance’”.


“The RegLantern products are so easy to use,” said Danny Hawkins, Senior Vice President of Community Health Ventures. “We feel confident that this will be an easy implementation for Community Health Centers, and that they will start seeing the benefits of this platform right away.”


RegLantern also hosts NACHC’s Value Transformation Framework (VTF) Assessment tool. This assessment tool allows health centers to self-assess progress in the 15 change areas outlined in the VTF. It is designed to help identify areas of need, set goals, and drive transformation efforts.


CHV believes RegLantern’s web-based platform is a valuable tool.  The pilot will allow CHV to evaluate RegLantern’s work with health centers and, with successful completion of the pilot, move to full partnership.   


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Established in 1971, the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) serves as the national voice for America’s Health Centers and as an advocate for health care access for the medically underserved and uninsured.



About CHV

Community Health Ventures is the business development affiliate of the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). Founded in 2000, CHV was created under the direction of health center leadership and tasked with creating solutions to the economic pressures facing today’s health centers. By negotiating group-purchasing agreements for discounted medical and business supplies, staffing services, lab agreements and more, CHV helps health centers reduce costs and remain competitive.



About RegLantern

RegLantern was founded in 2017 by experienced health center leaders. It was out of their front-line experience that the ideas were born. RegLantern’s sole focus is to provide health centers and FQHCs with HRSA compliance tools and services that help move health centers to continuous compliance. For more information, please visit and follow us on @RegLantern on Twitter or find us on LinkedIn.





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