RepairCarJobs.Com Drives Evolution of Online Shopping for Automotive Service in Singapore

2019-04-12 16:18:05 - Singapore

Website Modernizes the Customer Experience with a Comparative Approach to Car Repair Searches


As Singaporeans become more reliant on comparison shopping sites to drive purchasing choices, is leading the maturation of the online shopping experience in automotive repair. links services providers to deliver quick and easy quotations based on the criteria most meaningful to them, including price, reviews, availability and distance. 


A simple interface allows customer to input vehicle details, service needs and preferred locations to solicit quotes from local car workshops. Service providers are able to review submission and provide detailed quotes to prospective customers. From there, the customers have the ability to schedule bookings based on the quotes provided. Additionally, customers can locate specialists based on their auto brand or service need.


Once selected, the customer details are delivered to the repair workshop. boasts an intuitive dashboard through which the company and its customers can interact. No prepayment information from customers is required. Singapore based workshops and drivers alike can easily register on the site by heading to and clicking sign up.


Simply put, a trip to can amount to:

  • More Choices
  • More Cost Saving Opportunities
  • More Knowledge, &
  • More Time Saved


For more information, customers are encouraged to watch an entertaining video providing a glimpse into the shopping experience here.


The auto repair market in Singapore is robust and continues to grow. Over 2,000 workshop operators serve an aging population who are increasingly opting to re-validate their Certificate of Entitlement in lieu of making a new automotive purchase.

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