Royal Holiday Vacation Club Makes Guest Safety Its Top Priority

2021-08-25 15:43:53 - Miami, United States - (PR Distribution™)

People all across the globe are looking forward to taking a vacation again. It has been a long year and everyone could use some fun and relaxation. Now that the travel restrictions for COVID-19 are beginning to lift and people have access to vaccination, travel resorts are starting to book guests again. 


Although many travelers are vaccinated, some are still unsure about how they feel when it comes to their safety. Royal Holiday Vacation Club has safety measures in place to make sure everyone who steps foot on its resort is safe throughout their stay. This new Safe Guest Program has been put in place so people don't have to wonder what measure the resort has put in place.


How the Safe Guest Program assures Royal Holiday Vacation Club guests that they aren't at risk


Royal Holiday Vacation Club is excited to see their regular guests come back to the resort and welcome new ones this season. They are taking health and safety very seriously so every guest can enjoy their stay at the resort. The cleaners at this resort have been trained to make sure every surface of the resort has been disinfected to industry standards.


Many travelers are curious about what disinfectant and cleaning products the resorts are using. Every product used at Royal Holiday Vacation Club is from the ECOLab brand and their work exceeds Cristal International Standards. These cleaners have been putting in extra time to make sure every guest has a safe place to stay while enjoying a fun vacation.


Guests can feel comfortable knowing that there will be hand sanitizer stations available at nearly every turn throughout the resort. All guests will still be required to social distance for the time being to make sure everyone stays safe. Guests may be required to wear a mask in public indoor areas as well for everyone's safety.


New and innovative ways to stay safe


Royal Holiday Vacation Club has always put its guests first. The team believes the pandemic was a wake-up call for how the industry needs to handle health and safety measures. They are working together to find new and innovative ways to keep their resort safe for future travelers. 


In the restaurant on-site, they now offer tablets to the guests so they can browse a digital menu. This way the server can properly disinfect the digital menus after every use, something they weren't able to do with the old fashion paper menus. 


The restaurant isn't the only area of the resort that's made changes. Now the checkout process is easier than ever before while requiring absolutely no contact with the receptionist. There's even a special urn for guests to drop off their keys upon checkout. Every day the team is coming up with more ways they can protect their guests so everyone can enjoy their stay.


All of these new safety measures also help the staff feel safe on the job. They don't have to worry about their own health being at risk while they are keeping guests happy.

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