Royal Holiday Vacation Club: Rewards System Making Waves

2022-02-17 15:45:00 - Mexico City, Mexico - (PR Distribution™)

Going for your dream vacation can be expensive, especially when you plan to bring your family along. Companies like Royal Holiday Vacation Club have introduced a rewards system that shaves some dollars off your traveling budget to ease the financial burden of travel. The company, which takes travelers to more than 180 destinations spread in over 50 countries, has a robust reward system, and you can read all about it here.

When travelers hear of company rewards, the first thing that springs to mind is how to become eligible for those rewards. At Royal Holiday Vacation Club, there are three ways through which travelers can rack up their reward credits. The first way is by paying membership fees on time. 

Payments can be made monthly, and there is also an annual fee. Promptly paying the required fees ensures travelers get rewards every quarter and every year. Depending on the amount, travelers who make timely payments receive between 100-250 reward points. On top of that, making timely payments for 12 consecutive months earns travelers 1000-1500 reward points.

The second way of earning rewards is by traveling to destinations offering rewards. Keep in mind that not all destinations give reward credits, and so by choosing their destinations wisely, travelers can ensure they earn reward credits enough to subsidize their vacation costs. Contact your holiday advisor or visit the Royal Holiday Vacation Club website to know the destinations offering reward points.

The third way of earning reward credits is by making an online reservation through the Royal Holiday Vacation Club webpage and completing the payments online. Remember, the fundamental requirement to earn reward credits is becoming a member of the Club. To become a member, travelers can select among the several membership levels offered, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Royal plan.

Travelers can use their reward credits to reduce the cost of their travel. They can stay for more nights at their destinations and bring along more family members or friends. Thanks to accumulated credit points, they can also choose to travel in better seasons since they can afford to. Rewards also make it possible for travelers to take their dream vacation in bespoke destinations.

Safety is always a top consideration for holidaymakers. With the Royal Holiday Vacation Safe Guest program, travelers can expect the highest safety and hygiene standards from the moment they arrive, stay, and depart from their destinations. In all destinations, travelers can expect clean, hygienic rooms, safe food, clean drinking water, clean and clear pool water. 

The safe Guest program also encourages guests to maintain social distance and allow their temperature to be taken. Hotel surfaces and areas are frequently disinfected. At the center of the Safe Guest program is well-trained staff and backing from the internationally renowned partners, Cristal International Standards.

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