Saleor 2.0.: E-commerce for the PWA era

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - WROCLAW, POLAND - (PR Distribution™)

Wroclaw, Poland: Mirumee Software announce the release of the new version of their Saleor e-commerce platform. Over the last 5 years, the open source solution based on Django has been one of the world’s fastest growing Python e-commerce solutions. It is trusted by high-volume retailers from established brands—in sectors like men's apparel and online publishing—as well as disruptive startups including online sales portals recognized in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. It is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for programmers, supported by a community of developers from more than 60 countries, with over 2600 stars on Github. 

Saleor 2.0 builds on that success but brings an even better user experience, introducing a headless e-commerce solution with PWA as a standard feature, augmented with a rebranded look and feel, an improved dashboard, and a new storefront.

“We are pioneering with GraphQL because we believe that the third wave of e-commerce is all about experience. It needs new technologies that make it easy to work with mobile clients and PWA. And we think that a better end user experience starts with a great experience for developers. If we give them great new tools to work with, they can focus on innovations that end up as benefits to customers.”

— Mirek Mencel, CEO, Mirumee

A fundamental shift in platform architecture vastly improves administration capabilities and end user experience

Saleor 2.0 shifts away from the monolithic Django-based structure, and introduces a separate GraphQL API with dynamic dashboard and storefront modules written in React. This flexible but functional framework means Saleor 2.0 is perhaps the only open source platform to offer a GraphQL API with a full e-commerce experience. Saleor 2.0 enables the platform as a single-page application that offers PWA mobile experiences like a native application. The Saleor mission has always been to transform businesses and give developers technology they love to work with—the new architecture delivers both.

Key features of Saleor 2.0

  • A PWA (Progressive Web App) storefront allows users to browse and purchase products across devices and platforms, providing engaging shopping experiences

  • A GraphQL API, utilizing React, shifts Saleor into headless e-commerce and moves the solution to a future-proof platform for development teams

  • Modularity from the GraphQL API allows administrators to keep the backend up-to-date with no or minimal changes in the frontend

  • A new dashboard keeps the best functionalities of the previous version but draws on the most desirable features of experiences like Shopify

Mirumee see Saleor 2.0 as the open source e-commerce platform for the PWA era. Additional functionalities such as multi-vendor capabilities, a payment request API, and advanced tax calculation with Avalara integration are being targeted in the coming months as the solution evolves. The company is also aiming for further implementations for high-volume retail firms and is preparing for the necessary expansion of the Saleor platform as the customer base grows. 


Founded in 2009, Mirumee Software is a software house specializing in high-performance Python and JavaScript applications and e-commerce. The company offers web development and consultancy services for businesses from high-volume online retailers to disruptive innovators on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List. Mirumee is an active contributor in the open source community and is ranked as the top open source Python contributor in Poland. 

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