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RICHMOND, Va. (Jan. 4, 2022) – SanAir Technologies Laboratory, Inc. (SanAir) today announced its merger with Syracuse, NY-based Centek Laboratories, LLC (Centek), expanding its testing capabilities into VOCs using summa cannister and/or thermal desorption tubes technology (EPA Method TO-15 and TO-17) and analyzation of samples by GC/MS coupled with cryo-focusing or thermal desorption technology.

“Like SanAir, Centek is in the environmental laboratory analysis business but with additional capabilities not currently covered by our lab,” said SanAir President Sean P. McGlynn. “Centek has been a leader in vapor intrusion technology since they opened their doors in 2003, when they helped New York State’s Department of Health and its Department of Environmental Conservation change how samples were collected and tested, improving the technology to save money and increase detection limits in the ppb (part per billion) and ppt (part per trillion) detection range. They have brought that innovative, client-focused spirit to LEED®, WELL, IgCC Certification System; Biogas, Industrial Hygiene and Product Testing. We are excited to have Centek under the SanAir umbrella.”

The combined laboratories represent a total of 70 employees in Virginia, Ohio and New York.

Centek has been working in green and sustainable technology through indoor air quality (IAQ) testing since 2009 in conjunction with the U.S. Green Building Counsel (USGBC). Current testing programs include: LEED® IEQ Credit 3.2 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations; LEED V4; LEED 4.1; WELL; and IgCC. Centek has been doing this testing throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico and is starting to open doors overseas.

Centek also has been testing BioGas reclamation systems in landfills and wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) throughout North America. The lab identifies a complete gas profile and determines the proper treatment processes needed to meet even the most stringent biogas specifications for use as a fuel. 

“We are excited about the opportunities presented by our merger with SanAir,” said Russell Pellegrino, Centek’s Technical Director. “Our companies are similarly entrepreneurial but also grounded in our foundational principles of scientific accuracy and reliability in testing. 

SanAir’s resources will help Centek continue to innovate and bring cost and time-efficient sampling solutions to our clients.” 

The combination of the two laboratories caps a year of expansion for SanAir that includes moving into a new headquarters location in Greater Richmond (North Chesterfield) at the former Virginia Department of Emergency Management location, and the first fully operational and accredited year of industrial hemp and medical marijuana testing for the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Sativa Testing Laboratories.

About SanAir

Based in Richmond, Virginia, SanAir’s specialties have grown to include analytical and consulting services to detect and identify asbestos, lead and metals, environmental microbiology, bacteria, Legionella and other environmental hazards. SanAir’s clientele includes industrial hygienists, engineers, governments, and restoration and remediation contractors. SanAir’s holdings also including Sativa Testing Laboratories, the first fully ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited under AIHA-LAP, LLC (LAP-273461), DEA registered industrial hemp and medical marijuana testing laboratory in Virginia. SanAir is a proud recipient of the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s 2018, 2019, 2020 Top Places to Work designation. For more information, please visit www.sanair.com.

About Centek

Founded in 2003 in Syracuse, New York, Centek provides laboratory analysis for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Soil Vapor Intrusion, Industrial Hygiene (IH) – PV2120 and Renewable Energy – Methane to Markets, among others. Centek is NELAP accredited (NYSDOH, 11830; NJDEP, NY018; VELAP, 460228) and AIHA-LAP, LLC (LAP-182993) meeting ISO/IEC17025:2017. Centek holds environmental air laboratory certifications in New York, Texas, New Jersey, Florida and across the United States.


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