Sand is the New Snow

2020-01-08 12:20:11 - - (PR Distribution™)

365-days of sunshine every year, the 2nd largest Barrier Reef in the World, English as the official language and proximity to the United States makes Belize the ideal location for your vacation home, retirement home, or your forever home! Salt Life Belize, the island's newest condo community is ideally situated on the west side of Ambergris Caye, (Belize's largest island) and there's nothing visitors and residents won't enjoy!  The condo development includes access to water sports, cultural attractions, wildlife preserves and world-class fishing, diving and snorkeling hubs. Construction borrows from Central American design and sensibilities while every building will feature the latest in infrastructure.

With Phase 1 set to open in 2020, excitement surrounding this project is palpable. As this 50-acre project develops, everything a vacationer, retiree or investor could ask for is taking shape: A full-service resort, fly fishing lodge, beach club, restaurants, bars and more. Ex-pats, visitors and investors can expect to live the good life within this community. If you're considering moving to Belize or investing in property within this lush island environment, there's a very good chance the sizes and affordable pricing associated with island real estate could be daunting. Salt Life Belize is offering condos starting from just $175K.

Why Belize?

Belize's geographic location makes traveling to and from the United States and moving around Central America very easy! That stated, it's much more likely everyone in your life will want to visit, so make sure the property you choose has plenty of room!

This project gives potential homeowners myriad options. Select from 1-to-3 bedroom condo units that fit every budget, all located on the water and fitted with Caribbean inspired interiors. Further, the community will also include full-service eateries, tour offerings and more!

Have you been to Belize before? If not, this is an opportune time and we'll make it easy for you too.

The Salt Life Belize team can show you around Ambergris Caye, showcase our project and give you a realistic view of what island living is like in Belize. A weekend full of everything you need to know about investing overseas and Belize. Sign up for your trip now!

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