05/01/2019 14:00 - Canada, Ontario, Hamilton - (PR Distribution™)

SCAN~LINK Technologies, an RFID Safety Solutions company has just announced the launch of their new website www.scan-link.com making it easier for customers to learn, install and support the SCAN~LINK Armour System™.  They have updated the site with a sharp new look and feel, but hope to add much more to the online experience than just aesthetics.

Users can now easily and quickly speak to technical support staff and customer service through the Zendesk chat service through the website on their computer or mobile as the website is mobile responsive.  For navigational ease, all relevant documents in multiple languages, including Schematics and Installation Guides are available on the Product Downloads page.

“We’ve listened to our clients and this is the type of website that they have been asking for,” says Fava, President of SCAN~LINK Technologies.  “It is important as a technology company in the safety industry to be more accessible to customers who might need urgent help.  Through this website we also hope to assist mechanics during the installation process in a timely manner.”

About SCAN~LINK Technologies
SCAN~LINK Technologies Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of the SCAN~LINK Armour System™, an RFID based personnel detection system that detects people – rather than objects – behind mobile equipment to increase worksite safety.  The SCAN~LINK Armour System™ is a proven solution to alert operators of the near field presence of personnel, while having zero false-positive alerts and stores granular data such as; date, time, location and apparel type which can be associated to a particular person. SCAN~LINK Technologies is the market leader in developing innovative RFID Solutions for Industries such as Oil & Gas, Waste, Construction, Aggregate, Municipal and Forestry. Their dedication to innovation has positioned them as the driving market force in Passive RFID Safety Solutions, including custom RFID Solutions like access control, presence alert for conveyor equipment, safe-zone sentinel and perimeter monitoring. For more information, visit us out at www.scan-link.com, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram @Scanlinktechnologies

For more information, contact Jennifer Mabee, at 1-365-210-0023
or email Ms. Mabee at jmabee@scan-link.com 

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