Seeing Past COVID: LifeRamp launches a revolutionary life coaching platform to help students get the most out of their college years and beyond.

2020-06-01 12:02:38 - United States, Maryland, Annapolis - (PR Distribution™)

Annapolis, Maryland –  COVID-19’s impact on the global economy, while still evolving, is likely to leave marks measured in years and in trillions of dollars, and there will be profound impacts on higher education.  Even before the onset of the pandemic, many students and parents were questioning the return on investment of a college degree.  Skyrocketing tuition prices now top $70,000 a year at many institutions, mounting student debt averages more than $30,000 and employers are increasingly skeptical about the career readiness of new graduates.  

 LifeRamp, a new company founded by global higher education executive Michael Huckaby, today announced the launch of an on-demand platform that enables college students to navigate and accelerate through the increasingly competitive job market toward a successful and fulfilling career.   The core of LifeRamp’s support for students is an impressive cadre of top, internationally certified life coaches.  The clear benefits of working with a life coach have been cited by CEOs and business leaders such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and Eric Schmidt (the Founder of Google), and a host of other top performers in industry, entertainment, athletics, and government.  These leaders have all credited coaching as a key to their successful careers.  

 LifeRamp firmly believes that life coaches can add value no matter who you are, or where you are in life: They unlock your potential, enable you to discover your best self, act as a motivator, accountability partner, and strategist. LifeRamp provides experienced and accredited coaches to help you get there.  LifeRamp’s coaching programs range between 1 – 12 weeks and consist of different combinations of numbers of live sessions, types and amounts of educational and/or career-related assessments, and access to proprietary data sources and resources.  LifeRamp’s coaches are backed by a next generation digital platform that supports students with cutting-edge market intelligence, job mobility data, and core skills building content provided by an impressive array of leading industry and personal growth advisors. 

 “At LifeRamp, we know the transition from childhood to a young adult is filled with challenges and vast opportunities. We believe that all young adults should have coaches early in life to help them reach their ultimate destinations.  Our accredited coaches and supplemental career services work hand-in-hand with students to ensure that they reach their personal and professional potential.   We help them navigate the obstacles often encountered while transitioning to college, progressing through college, and becoming successful young professionals with purpose, said Huckaby," Founder and CEO of LifeRamp.

About LifeRamp

LifeRamp is a next-generation virtual platform that delivers on-demand life coaching and career planning resources for college students and professionals to navigate and accelerate their paths toward a fulfilling and successful future.  For additional information, visit

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