Set Forget Authority Seeks To Connect Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in Recent Partnership Program

2019-09-19 18:43:10 - VANCOUVER, CANADA

Set Forget Authoritya firm that seeks to connect business startups to potential investors and the marketplace has announced a new partnership with Global Business Executive, mastermind for entrepreneurs. Under the new partnership program, the company seeks to steer forward its mission of connecting a number of business startups and entrepreneurs to international business partners.

The new partnership program was launched after a successful inaugural meeting of the founders held at Vancouver in Canada. Both companies provide services in the consulting field and the new partnership program will benefit many entrepreneurs. Set Forget Authority has helped startups by spreading their stories to attract funding, generating exposure to product sales and setting up systems and process for automation. On the other side, Global Business Executive trains and qualifies service providers by providing them with skills on how to provide value in the marketplace while cutting their operational costs to scale. 

Speaking during the first mastermind meeting, the founders of both companies Jason Ta and Carl Ngan affirmed that they would be carrying out business masterminds on a monthly basis starting from Southern California and across the United States with the purpose of educating entrepreneurs on how they can provide value, prospect and acquire clients. 

Attendees of the first mastermind meeting in Vancouver applauded the efforts made by the two companies to connect business owners to the marketplace. Tohny Luong, ATM distributor welcomed the partnership and said it is the best way to learn. He said;

"I was able to pick up a lot and learn from their mistakes, experiences, and solutions. I also learned a great deal in regards to the startup process and how to test, build, and create a product, team, service, and profit."

On his side, Adam McClary, an investment broker said the new partnership has helped him to gain adequate skills on how to get his product to the marketplace. He said, "Typically, I thought I had to sit in my room for months to script out my business plan and try to get it perfect on my own, but using this model, I'll be able to have to courage to step out and develop my product."

Other attendees such as Kenneth Casimir, a Sales Consultant pointed out that the event helped him to gain information on the next step towards developing his business idea. 

About Set Forget Authority

Set Forget Authority was launched in October 2018 with the purpose of helping small businesses, personal brands and startups to scale their businesses with credibility and authority. The company utilizes a number of strategies to help tell the stories of businesses to gain the attention of the marketplace and potential investors. Since its launch, Set Forget Authority has worked with a number of business startups. 


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