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Together, we wrote the compelling story called Shadowed Soul.  Now I am trying to raise funds for my movie.  I think that awareness for mental illness is important.  I am raising funds to spread the word about mental illness. With corona virus people are rightful concerned.  Obviously this story is very important.  My story is a little important for some coverage either by articles or over the phone to talk on radio shows.


Why you should consider donating:

Donors of $500 or more will have a name credit at the end of the film. $1000 dollar donors will be extended a speaking piece in the movie along with credits.

For the $1000 donors the person will be extended the opportunity to become an ‘extra’ during production, as well as a credit. Although transportation will not be provided, we will welcome donors with open doors. Also 10% of money raised will go to a non profit mental illness organization.

10% of proceeds will be donated to mental health non profit, National Alliance on Mental Health as their mission is to help families and individuals affected by mental illness build better lives through education, support, and advocacy.

Our book is a hybrid self-help novel that will shed light on just some of the major problems our society faces today. Our book touches on depression, relationships, addiction, and self-help. Depression affects 1 out of every 9 individuals in the United States and suicide from depression is attempted every 17 minutes. Bi-Polar disorder affects 2% of Americans.

Why our novel should be turned into a film:

Turning our novel into a film provides viewers the experience of absorbing a compelling story complemented by the introduction and foregoing of the issues our society has faced for many years, especially today.

The book just isn’t enough. Such a necessary worldwide film is not only dreamed of to raise awareness, but to intensify the emotion and movement of the plot for a live, in-house audience.

We believe that the general population seeing the characters' faces and hearing their voices will bring a deeper meaning to the words and actions portrayed. The visual and auditory components can stimulate emotions in powerful ways, providing the opportunity to engage fully with our story.

As a great reading novel and a psychological thriller, the appeal to the far reaching audience will relate to the emotions in one’s system, possibly stir empathy for the characters (and possibly for oneself) and just maybe will even help individuals feel less alone in their situation.

With depression being a global phenomenon and bi-polar affecting millions of people, Shadowed Soul has the potential of becoming a bestseller, and aid in self-help and awareness. With the wide readership potential, we ask for your help to gain the resources to publicize Shadowed Soul.

What our book is about:

Shadowed Soul is a fiction novel about bi-polar Thomas Mitchell, as he struggles to rebuild his life with the aid of his blind wife’s seeing-eye dog. The compelling drama follows Thomas and his wife, Beth, as they embrace and endure the birth of their firstborn through the holiday season in New York City. Fears and anxieties that plague Thomas is personified in the form of the Shadowed Soul, a demonic spectre who stalks Thomas’s every move. As his manic-depression escalates, his expectation for more problems is answered in abundance. His life goes from great to bad to worse.

With the unconditional love of his dog, Thomas grapples with challenges as he chooses to rebuild his shattered life. Some of the journey through manic-depression is autobiographical. Set in the present, author John M. Spagnoli’s intention is to depict clinical depression in a way that provides a clear road map to leading a full life

My intention for writing my book was for people to have an understanding of mental illness. This book hopefully will resonate with people that are currently having issues.

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