ShapeDays, Offering Companies Next Level Opportunities for Employee Wellness

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - Switzerland, Zurich

The company offers a corporate wellness retreat on the Canary Islands.

The workplace has more stress than ever before, and many in the workforce are feeling the pains of burnout. Such burnout affects the bottom line of a company as well as the overall morale of the company.

Because of this, employers across the globe are turning to different and creative ways to increase employee health and productivity. The popular solution comes in the form of a corporate wellness retreat.

ShapeDays is a new company that hosts wellness retreats for companies in the picturesque Canary Islands. They offer opportunities to recover, regroup, and return to work with new vim and vigor. The experience improves both the morale and the profit margin of the company. Also, health and well being is good for the overall person. 

"Fitness is not a hobby it's a lifestyle," said Anthony op de Weegh, Founder of ShapeDays.

Personal Training 

Attendees will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with certified professional trainers who will customize a workout regimen that meets that participant's fitness needs and goals. It is entirely up to the individual attendee the focus of personal training.

Relaxation Techniques 

Attendees will practice yoga and meditation exercises while on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sounds of the waves and the healthy salt air will invigorate the mind and body as the exercises begin to strengthen and tone muscles.


Stress causes tension and muscle tightness all over the body, but most of the time, the pressure centered in the head and shoulder area. Various massage techniques from certified massage therapists help break tight spaces, stimulate blood flow, and relax the body completely. Many of the attendees of the fitness retreat report feeling better than they have in quite sometime after one week.

Varied Activities 

If yoga and personal training are not to the liking of the employee, there are other activities to be found for the wellness retreat participant. The Canary Islands offer lots of outdoor activities. Snorkeling, hiking to an inactive volcano, or enjoying the blue waters of the ocean are all available.

ShapeDays villa is on the Fuerteventura island, close to the beach, and a small fishing village with plenty of shopping, restaurants, and more. Many different options are available for corporate retreats. Visit the website to learn possible options

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