Shibosu Token Brings Shiba Rewards For Investors

2021-11-02 23:45:00 - Houston Texas - (PR Distribution™)

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) community token space has just welcomed a brand-new token called Shibosu Token.  Shibosu successfully launched on October 30th, 2021.  Their mascot is your familiar, friendly Japanese Shiba Inu. The purpose of Shibosu is to spread love to fellow Shiba Inu token projects, while simultaneously running compelling daily giveaways for their community investors to win.  The Shibosu token creator has been in the crypto space since 2014, with his first investments being in Bitcoin.  The creator’s goal with this Shibosu token is to positively impact the crypto space by collaborating and celebrating other projects and setting a standard of how good projects in this crypto currency space operate.  With an overwhelming number of scams that raid the BSC space, Shibosu Token creates a fun, safe place for investors who just love Shiba Inu meme tokens. 

Tokenomics of Shibosu allow for promotions within their community and gifts money to other Shiba Inu communities.  There is a 12% buy tax and an 18% sell tax.  Buy taxes are distributed for 3 functions: 2% to Shiba rewards, where SHIB token is bought and distributed as rewards to holders; 5% to buy backs, which buy and burn the native token helping levels of resistance and raising the floor price; and 5% for marketing and promotions. Sell taxes are distributed with 4% going to Shiba Rewards, 7% to buy back, and 7% to marketing. 

The tokenomics of Shibosu allow for compelling community giveaways.  With a daily BNB lottery, investors can win additional BNB parallel to their investment growing.  Also integrated into their tokenomics, 1% of transaction volume is accumulated and given out as a community prize every 3 days.  Then there is their claim to fame, the gifting of BNB from the project to help support another Shiba Inu community token in the crypto-currency space. 

Investors have a lot of opportunity to showcase their love for Shiba Inu meme-community tokens.  With a reflection system that pays you in SHIB token, daily BNB giveaways, a deflationary token system increasing token value, and spreading some love to other like-minded communities. The Shibosu creator is going to create a family of dog lovers in all of us.  Check out more details and information on their website:

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