Singles in LA Are Turning To Los Angeles Matchmakers For Love

2021-05-03 09:00:00 - United States, California, Los Angeles - (PR Distribution™)

Singles in LA are ditching online dating sites & are now turning to Los Angeles matchmakers to meet elite singles in Los Angeles, CA.

There is a new trend happening in LA and this time is not a new dating site or dating app. Singles in LA are now saying bye-bye to digital dating platforms and are outsourcing the search for love to matchmakers in Los Angeles.

That’s right, LA singles are leaving time-consuming and superficial dating sites and mobile dating in order to invest in professional matchmakers. Singles in LA are frustrated with the lack of results from digital dating platforms and prefer the quality of singles they are meeting with matchmakers. 

Los Angeles matchmakers are becoming a hit with love seeking singles of all ages. Matchmaking is making a huge come back despite the popularity of online dating sites and mobile dating apps. 

Matchmakers focus on quality over quantity and provide services that are personalized for each client. Working with a matchmaker can save LA singles from the headaches of digital dating and speed up the process of finding love. 

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About George Cervantes: 

George Cervantes is the director and top matchmaker at Luxury Introduction. George is mostly known in the industry as “George Cervantes Matchmaker” is a highly sought-after matchmaker in NYC & Los Angeles. He is the owner of multiple matchmaking services in some of the hottest cities in the nation. George is former NYC model and now the owner of one of NYC’s most elite matchmaking service. 

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