Sixbytes Offers a Smart Way of Improving Your Productivity with Launch of New Mobile App

2020-04-02 08:11:53 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - (PR Distribution™)

Sixbytes, a technology company focused on developing applications to improve sharing of files across multiple devices has announced the launch of a new productivity mobile application HibiDo that synchronizes across all devices. The new productivity application offers a new and unique way to schedule your personal and work activities in the most efficient manner thus improving your productivity. Apart from scheduling personal activities and projects, one can also collaborate with their team to get tasks completed. 

Speaking about the productivity app, Felix Yew, the developer of the app emphasized that he came up with the idea for the app after observing a number of problems her sister was going through while scheduling her tasks.

“I always believed that technology can play a strong role in helping everyone improve themselves, every day. I remember observing my sister struggling to schedule her tasks. She would use different platforms to schedule her project list, reminders, personal activities and many others. It was so confusing. I thought, there must be a better way of bringing all these together into one. That is what HibiDo does. Whether you want to schedule an agenda, make memos, create a to-do lists, share shopping lists, collaborate in a team, or even taking note and journal, HibiDo is always here to help you get stuff done and keep life on track”

The app’s main features and functions listed below seamlessly work together to improve your life. 

Enabling you to set task and note taking with a single app instead of using two separate apps to manage both of your task and note.

Improved collaboration by sharing workload- collaborate on projects by

assigning task to others. From family weekend plan to teamwork, share lists and assign task on the go.

Auto Sync - Syncs seamlessly between multiple devices. All tasks and notes are stored on cloud and accessible across multiple platforms.

Simple and elegant design- To ensure that there is improved visibility while you schedule your projects.

Reminder- Get reminded anytime, anywhere. It helps you to remember deadlines with reminders and due dates when creating a new task. 

With the launch of the new productivity application by Sixbytes, there is no doubt that the company has gone a long way in resolving a number of productivity challenges that we face. A recent research has indicated that as human beings we spend 45% of our waking hours thinking about multiple tasks at once hence hindering our productivity. HibiDo resolves all these issues by helping you to track a single activity at a time. The app allows you to have a better clarification of the tasks that you want to carry out beginning from the high priority, medium level priority and the no priority levels. 

Download mobile app via Apple App Store  or Google Play

About the Company 

Sixbytes was founded in 2009 to develop an app as the simplest way to share files between mobile devices. We are passionate about productivity, simplicity, and beautiful design. Today we have a set of beautifully obvious tools to keep your ideas moving. Our goal is to help everyone boost productivity and enjoy life by building a simple, but not simpler product that improves human productivity. We value our users’ experience, and continuously develop innovative features to make the app ever more stable and smooth. To learn more about the company please visit our website

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