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  LONG ISLAND, NY - 03/15/2017 (

Pizza parlor owner Joe Chinea was in line at the post office recently when a man he knew only by sight complained that he had come to pick up a certified letter and he feared what it might contain.

“It’s probably my ex-mechanic suing me,” the car repair shop owner in line in front of Chinea speculated.  “I fired him for being lazy, going out on ten-minute breaks and coming back an hour later. He did that all the time.  After I kicked him out, I heard he was complaining that I badmouthed him and he would sue for defamation. I don’t know what to do.  I can’t afford a good lawyer. My insurance guy is threatening to cut off all my business insurance if I make a claim.”

“I used to worry all the time about what would happen if I needed to retain an attorney,” said Chinea, who had come to the post office for stamps.  “Now I belong to the Employer Defense Network and if I ever get sued, I know just what to do. And it’s affordable.”

Lawsuits against employers are on a staggering rise.  Lawsuits over whether employees were paid in accordance with state and federal laws have increased 430 percent in 20 years, according to statistics from the Federal Judicial Center as analyzed by the law firm Sayfarth and Shaw.

Other common lawsuits against employers claim: a job applicant was turned down illegally, an employee was disciplined unfairly, workplace harassment, discrimination, failure to accommodate a disability or passing an employee over for a promotion or a better shift.

Employer Defense Network (EDN) has a novel idea to help small business owners. The network has top employment counsel available to represent EDN members at modest rates negotiated when they join the network.

As soon as a business owner joins Employer Defense Network the member’s anxiety disappears. The benefits of membership kick in immediately. 

   When an Employer Defense Network member’s company is sued, receives a demand letter, or is a target of a government investigation, the member company contacts EDN. EDN then will identify qualified employment counsel to represent the member and/or any company individuals who may also be defendants in the matter.

    The benefits of membership include:

1.   Significantly reduced hourly legal fees and dramatically reduced retainer fees.

2.   No waiting, you become an EDN member as soon as you sign up.

3.   No more stress over the possibility of a lawsuit or being dropped by your insurance carrier.

4.   Knowing you will be represented by the best lawyers available for a reduced fee that you can afford. 

The network is growing daily and business owners who have joined are praising the company’s concept and execution.

“I find EDN an invaluable resource offering an interesting service to the small business community,” said architect Steven B. Rabinoff, whose Queens, New York based firm has numerous employees and represents several Fortune 500 Corporations.

Josh Gatoff, president of Oceanside, New York based Door Automation Inc., has been in business for decades but only recently found out about Employer Defense Network.

“Being a Small Business ourselves, Door Automation Inc. recognizes the value of membership and participation in the Employer Defense Network,” he said.

And Betty Heiman, CEO and Co-founder of Transparent Health Care, is also a supporter.

“This is a unique approach to an ever-increasing problem for small business owners everywhere,” she said.

Employer Defense Network President Lee Israel said the network offers small business an option that can protect them from mountainous legal bills and give them the ability to fight off frivolous lawsuits without going bankrupt.

“With more than half of all US sales and employment coming from the small business sector, small business has become the number one target of employment practice and wage and hour litigation. Employer Defense Network was created to provide tangible value to small business by small business to address this vastly underestimated and increasing liability.  With vast expertise from a multitude of disciplines, we have created a network that provides an affordable alternative or supplement to the traditional EPL insurance product. EDN Membership provides small business owners pre-negotiated, fixed hourly legal rates by top firms specializing in employment practice and wage an hour litigation.  We welcome you to become part of the Employer Defense Network and immediately start enjoying the benefit of better rates and better representation.”

For more information please go to the Employer Defense Network website at:

For press inquiries please contact John McDonald, 516-294-2608

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