SmartSites Is The Official Partner Of Mailchimp

2022-05-27 04:48:50 - Paramus, New Jersey, United States - (PR Distribution™)

SmartSites has become one of the official partners of MailChimp to offer clients exclusive access to enterprise solutions, priority assistance, and exposure to the email marketing service's partner directory. 

SmartSites announced that it has officially joined MailChimp & Co. as a partner as a way to expand its horizons and bring more exclusive benefits to its existing base of clients. MailChimp, an email marketing service, is utilized by up to 12 million customers and is renowned for its user-friendly and customizable interface that offers more control over email marketing campaigns. 

In joining this partnership, the digital marketing and advertising agency gets to expand its business while earning rewards by getting access to exclusive training and tips by MailChimp itself. It helps to simply client work, allowing SmartSites to offer high-quality client service and to customize campaigns to fit their marketing and advertising objectives. 

More importantly, SmartSites will be able to offer better-quality CRO & email marketing services with access to MailChimp's priority support team and managers with a 24 hours a day email and 24 hours weekday live-chat assistance. Additionally, it will get to connect with other customers and partners in the MailChimp's directory, allowing SmartSites to expand and explore new possibilities with other businesses. 

As an insider, SmartSites will get first access and looks at some of the newest features ahead of time during its beta testing and will also get to work with MailChimp's Partner Services team for assistance in maximizing conversation rate optimization to increase call-to-action, especially for high-volume and high-touchpoint clients. 

"This partnership with MailChimp is an excellent boost to our existing expertly-curated CRO strategy, which we have seen up to nine times the return on investment in the majority of our clients' campaigns," said co-founder Michael Melen. "We believe that the key to a successful marketing campaign is having that direct line of communication with customers and with MailChimp, we hope to propel that even." 

The digital marketing agency takes a holistic approach in its CRO services, helping businesses cover every aspect of customer interactive touchpoints to optimize their user experience and journey. SmartSites focuses on data-driven tactics to grow and develop the customer base, increasing reach through various communication channels beyond email, SMSes, Messenger, and much more. 

With customized messaging, email automated flows, and A/B testing, SmartSites helps to turn prospective customers into regular customers and meet various business goals, such as ecommerce sales, lead generation, review generation, and user engagement.

For more information about this partnership, view the SmartSites Mailchimp profile today.

About SmartSites

Led by two brothers and co-founders Alex and Michael Melen, SmartSites was founded on a passion for digital media. Based in Paramus, New Jersey, SmartSites is one of the United States' fastest-growing marketing and advertising agencies and has become one of the most renowned companies. In 2001, Alex was named as one of the Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs, while both Melen brothers were recognized as industry leaders by Fortune 500. The company is located at 45 Eisenhower Drive, Suite 520, Paramus, NJ 07652, and can be contacted at (201) 870-6000 or through the website at

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