Smileyscope and RyMed team up to accelerate adult pain management with virtual reality

2021-08-16 15:23:59 - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Smileyscope™ and RyMed Technologies, LLC announced a U.S. national distribution partnership to help healthcare professionals transform the way they provide procedural pain and anxiety management. 

Smileyscope™ is now recognized as a key, evidence-based pain management technique in the globally influential 2021 Infusion Nursing Society Therapy Standards of Practice.

Smileyscope Inc is a leader and pioneer in virtual reality-based healthcare treatments.

RyMed Technologies, LLC is a leading vascular access device manufacturer with multiple innovations aimed at improving patient outcomes and delivering safe, cost-effective healthcare solutions. 

What is Smileyscope™?

Australian-founded medical start-up, Smileyscope Inc, has developed a revolutionary virtual reality headset that reduces patient anxiety and pain in clinical trials. The technology has been adopted across leading hospitals in Australia and the U.S.  

JD* is a 62-year-old truck driver whose lifelong fear of needles prevented him from seeking vaccination. After his wife died from coronavirus, he knew he had to be vaccinated. But how? At a mass vaccination site, John had his vaccine with Smileyscope™. It was the first time in his entire adult life he had not fainted with needles – and he wants Smileyscope™ next time too.

"Smileyscope™ was initially developed to improve pediatric needle procedures – one of the most common, feared parts of a child's health experience. We turn fear into fun, which helps reduce traumatic restraints and costly sedation," CEO Dr. Evelyn Chan said. "But adults don't like needles either. We are excited to partner with RyMed to expand access to this innovative technology to adults". 15% of adults have a substantial fear of needles. 

Children's needles are only the beginning for Smileyscope, Inc.  Clinicians are beginning to use virtual reality for many painful procedures – vaccinations, blood draws, infusions, minor surgical procedures, and other stress-inducing applications such as claustrophobia.

Smileyscope™ is the only healthcare compatible headset built from the ground for healthcare professionals. It exceeds hospital infection control standards with features including Microban®^ impregnation. It fulfills the stringent requirements for a CE mark. 

Who is RyMed Technologies, LLC?

A privately held company, RyMed Technologies, LLC is committed to improving patient outcomes aimed at intraluminal catheter-related bloodstream infection prevention and thrombotic catheter occlusion reduction by providing innovative product solutions possessing fail-safe engineering design technologies. The InVision-Plus® line of neutral IV connectors consists of ten system features designed to work in conjunction with one another to inhibit bacterial migration into the fluid pathway and blood reflux upon connection and disconnection, which may improve patient outcomes. 

 Just as the InVision-Plus® product line addresses the needs of both the patient and clinician, so does the Smileyscope™.  This innovative VR technology designed for medical use is a novel way to address common patient fears surrounding vascular access.  SmileyscopeTM VR technology is easy to use and maintain, keeps patients calm and distracted, thus assisting clinician’s in providing stress-free procedures.  "We are excited to bring another innovative product into the vascular access market that will help improve patient outcomes," said RyMed's President, Colin Ohler. 

This announcement coincides with the Infusion Nursing Society's Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Las Vegas from August 14-17th. RyMed will be showcasing Smileyscope along with its core products during this event. 

The widely anticipated 2021 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice were released internationally this year. Smileyscope™ is now part of the Pain Management for Vascular Access Procedures recommendations. This recommendation was highlighted in the recent Infusion Room podcast, featuring Smileyscope CEO, Dr. Evelyn Chan and international IV therapy guru, Thomas Sutton. (  

* Name changed to protect patient privacy

^Microban® is a trademark of Microban International.

For more information on Smileyscope Inc and RyMed Technologies and how Virtual Reality is reshaping patient experiences, contact:

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RyMed Technologies, LLC


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Dr. Chan, Mr. Ohler, Mr. Adamson, and colleagues are also available for interviews on-set, via Skype, and high-quality audio lines.

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