SNACK_n_CODE revolutionises developers' snacking habits

2019-05-09 18:46:06 - Australia - (PR Distribution™)

Kickstarter Campaign Announced for SNACK_n_CODE: The Ultimate guide to healthy, instant snacks for coders with no time!



Key points:

  • Already 143% Funded by 110 backers (hungry coders!) with 21 days to go (as of 07/05/2019)
  • One of the first books in the food category specifically for software developers, coders and engineers


Melbourne-based software developer Danny Blaker is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to revolutionise the way developers snack forever. SNACK_n_CODE is a convenient and practical book of accessible, natural, instant, convenient and nutritious snacks that are most suited to developers.


SNACK_n_CODE is a practical companion that contains only useful information about each snack, such as where its available, different forms you can get it in, and tips. Developers who back the project on Kickstarter also receive a JSON file containing all snacks and information, allowing them to sort and organise snacks as they wish.

Snacking on junk food has been ingrained in programming culture for decades. One can’t forget the model of the Golden Gate bridge that netscape engineers made using all the soda cans they consumed in back in 1991. Programmers have made great strides since then, however snacking on junk food is still a prominent habit. The issue can be largely attributed to the fact that programmers need large periods of uninterrupted time to be productive, thus breaking concentration to go prepare a healthy meal is often impractical. The solution is substituting junky snacks with healthy ones that are just as tasty and convenient, but far better for you. SNACK_n_CODE solves this problem.

“The SNACK_n_CODE book began back in 2018 as a list of healthy snacks that I began adding to in attempt to motivate me to reform my own diet.” Says Danny Blaker, founder of SNACK_n_CODE. “Snacking on junk food was having a negative effect on my concentration and energy levels, which in turn would compromise productivity. As developers, we always talk about finding high leverage ways to increase productivity, but diet isn’t usually a consideration. I’ve personally found substituting fast-food for healthy snacks to be one of the most high-leverage and simplest productivity ‘hacks’ I’ve experienced to date.”

The interest in SNACK_n_CODE has been humbling, and I think it shows that developers are very much aware of the role diet plays in their work, and that they really do want to look after themselves.

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