SOI Announces Coffee Grounds Which Can Be Turned Into Sweets and Drinks. UP 0 (Zero) TECH, is converting coffee beans into new upcycling delicious sweets and drinks that can delight your taste buds.

2021-12-15 01:00:00 - Shizuoka, Numazu, Japan - (PR Distribution™)

[Numazu, Japan, December 16, 2021] -  SOI Co., Ltd. a Japanese-based company, which upcycles all it's biological resources to create a recycling-oriented society, is tackling sustainability problems such as food loss and waste. We will collaborate with the locals in Numazu, Shizuoka, coffee shops on ; how to use their ground coffee beans that remain after dripping coffee as a solution to the conversion to zero waste and the response to ethical consumption on a global scale. We are pleased to announce that the selling of the upcycling products have been started from October 28th.

 • How did we come up with this concept?

Most coffee grounds have been discarded and not reused for many years because of their high water content, it generates a lot of carbon footprint and a large amount of carbon dioxide to dry. From the perspective of the 12th production and consumption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 13th climate change, we are thinking that there is a need for reuse and complete consumption, and for ensuring a carbon-neutral treatment method that does not require a drying process. The power of fermentation, coffee ground or expired beans that have normally been discarded, will be the raw ingredients to be provided from us.  As a result, we have established a treatment method that achieves carbon neutrality with zero waste and no drying process. As the popularity of coffee grows globally, the problem is that the land suitable for the production of coffee beans will be drastically decreased by the year 2050. As climate change progresses. At the current pace, Arabica beans will decrease by 50% while Brazilian bean production overall will decrease by 60 %. When that happens, it will be difficult to drink coffee on a daily basis as we do now. As the supply of coffee beans decreases sooner or later NEO COFFEE can be the best option for everyone.

 • Attention to ethical consumption has been demanded in recent years

Along with the recent movement of SDGs, changes in consumer consciousness have begun to move toward promoting sustainable development and lifestyles, especially among young people. In order to create a sustainable society, waste reduction and effective utilizations are being promoted as indispensable actions all over the world, but due to the cost of existing products, we have not achieved the desired results. We specialize in developing fermented products, and we are working on a future that is kind to people and the environment with the natural power of occurring microorganisms in nature.

 • New value for the previously discarded resource "Ground Beans"

The steps towards creating our COLEHA sweets, begins with the collection of ground coffee beans from our supporters at Lilac Coffee shop. Our beverage NEO COFFEE is an Avant-Garde product we created using an epoch-making process. Previously, coffee beans were consumed until around 200 years before the creation of the drip process, and from the perspective of the SDGs, a change in thinking about waste production has been taken into consideration. Therefore, we propose the concept of coffee grounds which is the "COFFEE BASE" in which our sweets & beverages are made from.

 • What is UP 0 TECH?

We have started "UP 0 TECH" as a plan of action to consider food materials discharged from food companies as a new product material that is used for new foods and cosmetics. This is designed in cooperation with partners who share the same aspirations throughout Japan and worldwide.  

COLEHA Product 

COLEHA Series 1. ZERO SUGAR (Earthy-Sour) 2. 10% SUGAR 3. 40% SUGAR 4. 60%SUGAR COLEHA’s handmade products are a reflection of the varied natural flavors of each batch made depending on the fermentation and production process. Each batch although made the same, will taste slightly different. Please enjoy yourself the pleasure of change.



Retailer: Lilac Coffee Roaster

3-2 Shimokawaracho, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Future Sales channels: Specialty Coffee Shop, EC Online Site

 • We want to realize a sound material-upcycle society that reduces food waste

Not only will the coffee base be reused as COLEHA and NEO COFFEE, but the achievement of Zero waste and the formation of a circular economy in the local area will contribute to the formation of a sustainable business.

[Our Upcycled Business]

Inheritance of fermentation process has been passed down since its founding over 160 years ago, and established a standard that does not result in waste creation. We have been developing, manufacturing, and selling unique food products that have been known since the beginning and contains non-additive only with fermentation technology. Recently, it has become actively sustainable with the goal of "creating a zero-waste society," through the help of other companies that we are affiliated with, the new high added value that upcycles various unused resources, including products and food residues, while at the same time making and keeping the side by side efforts with our business partners.

[Company’s information]

We are a technology innovator that has been developing fermented products for nearly 40 years. We have innovative development capabilities, such as providing quality improvement materials for additive oxidants as bread improver and emulsifier-free labeling breads for the first time in Japan, as well as receiving the Prefectural Governor's Award and the Science and Technology Agency Director-General's Award. COLEHA and NEO Coffee are just the beginning of a new chapter. 

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