Restart Energy partners with solar expert Solara

There has never been a better time to GO GREEN, and now Solara & Restart Energy can help YOU reduce your carbon footprint, become energy independent, and work together with others for a better tomorrow!

Restart Energy, the fastest-growing private energy supplier in the EU, has recently announced its partnership with decentralized solar advocates, Solara. Each is an expert in its field, with years of experience backing them up, especially when it comes to their leadership.

Headquartered in Romania, Restart Energy has already expanded on two continents (Europe & Asia) and features branches in 7 different countries, while Solara bases itself in Australia, gaining much from the country’s solar-focused renewable energy landscape.

The projects are complementary in nature, with one offering a global decentralized energy platform, and the other, trust-less authentication of solar data, driven by Solar Hardware Modules (SHM). Furthermore, Solara’s SHM enable digitized co-ownership of solar panels, with the RED Platform being able to tokenize and globally distribute the renewable energy provided by such future prosumers. 

About Restart Energy

Restart Energy offers access to the Restart Energy Democracy (RED) Platform - a blockchain-based platform capable of peer-2-peer decentralized energy transfers at a global level. The company’s goal is to expand into over 35 fully decentralized energy markets and become the leader in global energy roaming. For more information, visit the website, blog: and Telegram channel: .

About Solara

Solara is a blockchain-based company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Solara’s goal is to devise a technically-sophisticated and user-friendly, secure renewable energy network, specifically designed for P2P energy users, offering a multitude of services such as monetizing green energy or offering cryptographically enhanced security for user data. For more information about Solara, visit their Telegram channel:, Medium:, or website:

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