SPACE, NFTs and Abnormalities? Hyper Meteor LTD has all the components!

2021-09-03 18:30:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

Hyper Meteor LTD (HM) is an exciting and comprehensive business project that is made up of three separate components:

  • ‘The Hyper Community Platform’ – a social platform where users can interact, create, and share content, learn, play games, trade NFT content, and even buy creative services. The main topics of the community platform are space and border technologies like the Blockchain, Non-fungible Tokens, and Cryptocurrencies.

  • ‘Hyper Hub Devices’ – a network of sky scanners where users can rent time slots to observe and capture unique footage of space and celestial bodies. The Hyper Hub network plans to be connected to the Cardano blockchain which gives it a set of differentiating advantages.

  • ‘Hyper Xchange’ – a trading platform where businesses, especially start-ups, can buy advisory services on alternative ways of funding projects. The platform will also be able to list new crypto tokens for crowdfunding-like campaigns.

Space is the final frontier, and we are about to enter a period where space will be at the centre of humanities attention.

HM aims to have fundamental social components that impact areas like, education, wealth inequality, innovation and technology adoption and support for other business/non-business projects.

Starting from collaborations with poorer countries, creating and launching educational programs focused on technology, facilitating opportunities to learn about space and astronomy, to building an online community focused on learning and sharing; the Hyper Meteor LTD project is multi-faceted and aims to have a positive impact on society for the long run.

To kick start the project, Aadon Crouch (CEO) invested his own capital to fuel the rocket and make a start by way of working with ‘Myriad Ventures Ltd’ to produce a 5-year business plan and financial projections. From there, he seeks an investor to enable all components to come to life. However, systematically executed in the right way, all components are achievable which makes it a fantastic adventure for the Hyper Meteor LTD team and its growing community.

Equipped with their “things are looking up” attitude (TALU), they have created three exciting paths for their project; three components that are intertwined and have fundamentally different purposes and audiences.

The long-term vision is to impact society and contribute towards the prosperity of the next generation.


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