Spiritual Portals: A Historical Perspective

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About Nora D'Ecclesis

Nora D'Ecclesis is an American bestselling non-fiction author and Haiku poet. Her international #1 bestseller "The Retro Budget Prescription" held the top kindle book downloads in business/self help for over a year. Nora is a graduate of Kean University of New Jersey with post graduate degrees in administration and education. Her published non-fiction include Amazon #1 bestseller "Haiku Natures Meditation" and paperbacks/ebooks on topics such as time management, personal cyber security password log, guided visualizations, gratitude/equanimity journaling and zen meditation. In 2017 Nora placed as Finalist in the International Book Awards for Spirituality/Eastern Religions.

She added novelist to her list with the publication of "Twin Flames" written with her Co-Author, William Forstchen who is a NYT #1 bestselling novelist. We are proud to announce that our book "TWIN FLAME" is the WINNER in the 2018 category of "Fiction: Novella" by the #InternationalBookAwards. #AmericanBookFest. Nora has a long history of presenting events, retreats and seminars focused on wellness and stress reduction techniques. She enjoys kayaking, hiking and nordic skiing. Nora lives with her family and wonderful dogs in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

About Spiritual Portals: A Historical Perspective

Spirituality is a uniquely individual experience resulting from an introspective assessment of the moral, ethical and compassionate components of our lives. It includes the non-materialistic aspects of life. Exploring one’s spirituality is a transformative process of the core need for solitude and includes ethical and moral choices. A human’s true self experiences personal growth during the contemplative process usually resulting in a more compassionate existence for themselves and others who they interact with during their lifetime.

This book provides an in depth view to techniques, methodology and most importantly the history of modalities selected to bring the reader toward a more spiritual existence without or in combination with faith-based religions. It includes such topics as zen meditation, mindfulness, yoga, gratitude journaling, Chado tea ceremony, haiku and the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola. The spiritual component to our daily lives is always a transformative path intended to create change as a result of spiritual practice.


5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptional look at the relationship of spirituality to various faiths May 1, 2019

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D'Ecclesis certainly has another five star book with this work. I've followed some of her writings across the last several years but this one hit a particular chord. As a professional historian who was raised Catholic and had several years of education in a monastic school D'Ecclesis' chapter on St. Ignatius Loyola caught my attention and I actually skipped to that chapter first. Well written it opened a door of curiosity for me that will without doubt lead to further reading tonight. Thus it is proving to be with most of the other chapters in this book. The beauty of this work is that it is not some lengthily tome on spirituality in relationship to one particular faith. Instead it covers a broad spectrum of nearly every major religion in the world sort of like a good survey course that opens you up to deciding to learn more about a topic you never actually explored before. It is a perfect introductory work about the linkage of spirituality to each particular faith and definitely encourages further reading. Do not think that this is "just" a history book. It does provide that but also insightful analysis which I have found has always been the hallmark of D'Ecclesis' works. I have also attended a couple of her workshops and I look forward to when she offers one specifically on the relationship of spirituality to faith.

5.0 out of 5 stars  Zen Meditation May 3, 2019

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This book is outstanding in the way the author explains how to meditate and why we should all understand the benefits. I am sharing it with my meditation group. It’s the best explanation of the Middle Path we have found.

5.0 out of 5 stars A warrior wins a major battle then converts to Zen Spirituality to further help his people May 1, 2019

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All of the Spiritual Portals were informative and fascinating. The most interesting for me was the chapter on the conversion of an ancient warrior king named Ashoka who became Buddhist. He then accomplished amazing social reforms in ancient India BCE.

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