Sports Nutrition Market is projected to increase from a valuation of US$ 21 Bn in 2022 to US$ 52.5 Bn by 2032-end

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New York:  As per detailed industry analysis by Persistence Market Research, the global sports nutrition market is predicted to surge at 9.6 CAGR and close in on a valuation of US$ 52.5 Bn by the end of 2032.

Consumers across the world are experimenting with specific eating styles/diet plans that best fit their nutritional objectives. Millennials are the most likely to embrace a specific eating strategy as well as try out multiple plans. They prefer vegetarian, juice cleanse/ detox, Paleo, or vegan eating styles, while the older generations prefer lactose-free food products.

Calorie counting is still the most popular weight-loss strategy, with half of the people trying to lose weight opting for it, followed by meal replacement shakes/bars (24%), raw food, vegetarian, vegan diets (19%), and high protein diets (18%). One out of every ten parents in the world purchase a weight-loss food or beverage for their child.

More than a quarter of all food customers look for claims of low-calorie content. Two-third of adults seek foods that will make them feel fuller for extended periods. Sports nutrition popularity is projected to increase as a result of such eating and purchasing patterns. The functional beverage market includes a wide range of products that address various health conditions.

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Daily dose of vitamins or other nutrients is one trend related to functional and sensory benefits. Another is probiotics, which are exhibited by Activia yogurt and are beneficial to gut health and the immune system.

  • Function BRAINIAC, a carambola punch Energy Drink in the Function Drinks brand, focuses on memory and mental sharpness.
  • Nestlé's Boost, a major brand in functional drinks for kids, has garnered increased notice.
  • In the functional beverage market, Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy are well-known for weight reduction, health and beauty drinks, and energy-boosting functional beverage products.

Key Takeaways from Market Study

  • Based on the function of sports nutrition, demand for energizing products is expected to expand at a volume CAGR of 10.5% and reach 712,035 tons by the end of 2032.
  • In the U.K, the market for sports nutrition is worth more than US$ 900.
  • The sports nutrition market is expected to expand at CAGRs of 7.8% and 6.8% in South Asia and East Asia, respectively, through 2032.
  • Growing preference for multiple flavored products is driving the sales of sports nutrition across Europe, which is expected to reach 301,748 tons by the end of 2032.
  • In Oceania, most sports nutrition products are ordered through specialty stores and online retail.
  • The Latin America market for sports nutrition holds a volume share of 12% of organic products.
  • COVID 19 pushed consumers toward leading a healthy lifestyle and led them to look for products that enhance immunity.

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“Consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of healthy and nutritious diets as the incidence of lifestyle diseases rises, which is a major factor influencing demand growth of sports nutrition. Introduction of new and unique flavored products will also drive sales of nutritional products,” says a Persistence Market Research analyst.

Competitive Landscape

Manufacturers of sports supplements are focused on continuously investing in expanding their operations and acquiring smaller companies to cater to growing demand. Companies are also putting emphasis on promotional activities among consumers.

  • In January 2020, Keurig Dr. Pepper acquired Limitless Sparkling Water. This product is free from sugar, has zero calories, and contains 35 milligrams of caffeine in different fruit flavors. This partnership will help expand the distribution of Limitless products.
  • In June 2020, Nestlé Health Science agreed to buy a majority stake in Vital Proteins, a leading collagen, lifestyle, and wellness brand offering supplements, beverages, and food products.

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Persistence Market Research, in its new report, offers an impartial analysis of the global sports nutrition market, presenting historical data (2017-2021) and estimation statistics for the forecast period of 2022-2032.

The study offers compelling insights based on function (energizing products, rehydration, pre-workout, recovery, weight management), product form (ready-to-drink, energy & protein bars, powder, tablets/capsules), flavor (regular, flavored, fruit punch, berries, citrus, chocolate, vanilla, other flavors), sales channel (convenience stores, specialty stores, pharmacy stores, online retail, other sales channels), nature (organic, conventional), and price range (economic & premium), across seven major regions of the world.

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