Squelch Launches Customer Support Spotlight Series to Acknowledge CX Heroes

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  REDWOOD CITY, CA - 10/02/2018 (PRDistribution.com)

In honor of CX Day, Squelch, provider of a cloud-based software solution for customer support and success teams, today announced the launch of its customer hero spotlight series.

Squelch believes customer support agents are heroes — for their customers, their teams, and their company. Squelch is their trusted sidekick, helping agents cut through the noise in their data systems to deliver ever-better interactions that drive CX. The new blog feature will recognize stellar CS agents, drawing from submissions to show appreciation for professionals that go above and beyond. To acknowledge a customer hero you know, or nominate yourself for consideration, please send an email that includes the agent’s name, photo, employer, and a brief example of their heroic efforts to [email protected].

“I think these agents are a company’s heroes because they are the ones on the front lines, day in and day out, ensuring customers don’t give up on your company,” said Giorgina Gottlieb, Squelch co-founder and Vice President of Marketing. “These professionals handle a variety of difficult situations where success is not only dependent on solving problems but also managing how customers feel about the experience. Squelch is proud to be the noise-suppressing, data-crunching, lightning-fast super-sidekick to these heroes, empowering them with a solution that helps them help others. We know how committed and hard-working these heroes are and want to make sure everyone else does, too.”  

A recent study of customer support agents conducted by Dimensional Research found that 97 percent of surveyed agents want to provide a superior customer experience but feel restricted by their existing systems. These heroes push themselves to constantly improve the quality and speed of their service, but a vast array of siloed databases and irrelevant information often obstructs their ability to provide satisfactory support. In fact, 67 percent of CS agents surveyed said they resort to using personal cheat-sheets to alleviate the problem of disparate data and convoluted knowledge management systems.

That’s where Squelch comes in. Its CX optimization software works seamlessly with most SaaS-based applications, continually monitoring and gathering data from email, customer management and support solutions, team communication and collaboration tools, and document storage services across the enterprise. Using AI and machine learning capabilities, Squelch creates a master index to organize and understand all of the data sets, enabling CS agents to quickly and easily surface the insights they need while filtering out the extraneous data they don’t. Happy customers are profitable, repeat customers — and happy agents get you there.

Email [email protected] to nominate an outstanding customer support hero and visit the Squelch CX Day Spotify playlist for upbeat songs that celebrate all customer support heroes.


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About Squelch

At Squelch, we focus on optimizing the customer experience through the teams that serve customers after the sale. We believe these agents are the heroes of a company, engaging in key customer interactions where speed, knowledge, and empathy go a long way to defining the customer relationship. By empowering your heroes with the right information at the right time, we help create a foundation of confidence that can be measured in both employee and customer satisfaction.


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