Steve Schumacher Joins VortexLegal as CRO

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  FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - 01/29/2019 (

VortexLegal, a platform that matches corporate legal departments and law firms with local attorneys who attend routine hearings, today announced that Steve Schumacher has joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

“Steve brings extensive industry experience and relationships to VortexLegal that will help take us to the next level,” said Jonathan Broder, CEO and Founder of VortexLegal. “Steve’s proven ability to execute growth strategies in the industry will help ensure VortexLegal’s continued success. We have solid traction with dozens of carriers, and we found a great person to help us continue that growth and leverage those relationships.”

Prior to joining VortexLegal, Schumacher served as President at Keais Records Retrieval from 2006-2017, which rebranded to Ontellus in 2017 and served as Chief Client Officer at Authentic4D in 2018 leading the sales and marketing efforts during his tenure.

“I’m very excited to be joining VortexLegal, an innovative service provider that can truly make an immediate impact on any company’s bottom line. Our hearing attendance service aligns perfectly with insurance carrier’s goals of using emerging technology and innovative claims processes to modernize and transform the insurance industry,” says Schumacher. “In addition to VortexLegal’s industry leading technology, I am thrilled to partner with a visionary CEO like Jon and the fantastic team he has assembled.”

“VortexLegal also provides meaningful value to law firms that are seeking to position themselves more competitively for their clients.These law firm partners are focused on freeing up time for their attorneys to focus on higher value work while driving faster resolutions for their clients,” continues Schumacher.

“When I founded VortexLegal, I wanted to help clients reduce costs for routine legal work with our flat rate program, which yields significant savings and efficiencies versus the way these matters were previously handled by a law firm at an hourly rate,” added Broder.

About VortexLegal

VortexLegal’s attorney hearing attendance offering is a nationwide technology-enabled solution that provides local counsel for simple and predictable hearings at a flat rate, not hourly. VortexLegal clients simply make a reservation through its secure website, and the company’s proprietary algorithms assign the matter to the most qualified, compliant and experienced local attorney. The local appearance counsel then appears as scheduled on the client’s behalf and reports the results back the same day.

VortexLegal is a low risk, innovative way to better manage cases and control legal expenses. It also frees up attorneys to focus on their higher and better use in the practice of law and in turn clients benefit from cost savings and improvements in the quality of the legal support they receive. 

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