Successful Additions of Life Safety Systems Innovations

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - United States, Florida, Aventura - (PR Distribution™)

Sterling Langley LLC, a Florida based innovative engineering design firm has successfully completed another peripheral device project in its Life Safety Systems Innovation portfolio. These initiating devices are unique because they are adaptable to most global manufacturers proprietary Life Safety systems. Our primary goal is to license our innovations to companies that have the same vision for market share growth in the Life Safety system arena and very early warning smoke detection in mission critical facilities.

“We discovered solutions to issues our clients did not know existed “said Lloyd Aronoff, the founder and primary consultant. “Our mission is to identify new critical facility Life Safety System markets that were historically overlooked or neglected”. Our focus is to develop field located devices that address data storage servers requiring precise and locatable smoke detection. 

We developed new products that will hasten the early warning detection of the fractional products of combustion or traces of minute and not yet visible smoke. Traditionally, these indicators have not been detectable by conventional initiating peripheral devices.

Today’s innovative portfolio of devices could be used in enterprise cloud-based server facilities or a single server computer rack in a company’s IT closet. Additional portfolios include enhanced smoke detection of electrical distribution networks, again in mission critical facilities.

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