Sugus House Launches Best Multi-Purpose Bench Scraper for Bakers Now Available on Amazon

2020-08-03 15:34:18 - BLOOMINGTON - (PR Distribution™)

August 3, 2020: SUGUS HOUSE has launched one of the best kitchen tools - the multi-purpose bench scraper for households, professional bakers and pastry makers - on Amazon.

The multi-purpose tool excels when it comes to working with dough, and the perfectly designed blade allows the scrape to easily chop and scoop dough from the working table or gnocchi board. 

Made of high-grade stainless steel, it has been carefully crafted not to bend, break or rust. 

Ideal for bakers, chefs, and everyday cooks, it has a non-slip grip that absorbs pressure. It's also easy to clean, simple to use and dishwasher-safe

The multi-purpose bench scraper has been made to be more than just a simple scraper. It can remove raw dough, hardened chocolate, or any other kind of dry, wet or sticky substance from your kitchen counter or pastry board.

It is also a straight edge designed to level a cup of flour, cut a roll of cookie dough, level batter or be used as a brownie divider. And equally, it possesses a sharp blade that can be used as a chopping knife to trim the edges of rolled-out dough, cut square cookies, and cut portions of dough for bread rolls.

Because of its extra width, unlike other scrapers, the tool can be used to loosen and lift pastry, transfer cookies or biscuits, lift a fragile cake layer, divide and scoop-up sifted flour, or turn a burger patty.

And there's a bonus, the scraper, which weighs just 8 ounces, comes equipped with quarter inch and cm markings for easy measuring - perfect for checking the thickness of a pie, biscuit dough or a piece of meat.

Modelled as one of the best cooking utensils in the kitchen today, the scraper comes with a 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product, or receive your money back.

The dough scraper is dishwasher safe by using a gentle dishwashing soap in the dishwasher. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners or abrasives such as steel wool as this can scratch the surface or damage the finish. Be sure to wipe dry.

You can purchase the SUGUS HOUSE Multi-Purpose Bench Scraper today at $6.95 with Amazon. For more information, visit

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