Super Pups premium dog products now available at Design Wellness

2019-10-24 12:41:09 - United States, California, San Diego - (PR Distribution™)

Design Wellness, CBD marketplace and online store, recently signed on to be the exclusive online retailer for the Super Pups brand of healthy dog treats and dog tinctures.

About Super Pups

Super Pups specializes in providing high quality U.S. grown hemp extract (containing CBD and other natural terpenes) dog products, including their Peanut Butter CBD Dog Treats, Bacon CBD Dog Treats, and their signature 500MG CBD Oil Pet Tincture.

Dog owner and cofounder Jay Frentsos says “We saw many great products for dogs on the market. We did not find the same when we looked at products for dogs with CBD however. The industry, and dog owners needed a dog treat made with clean ingredients and U.S. sourced hemp extract, and a tincture as an alternative intake method, which dog owners can simply drop in their dog’s food or water. Perfect for dogs big and small, old and young, Super Pups appeals to a large audience of hopeful dogs with a trending CBD product.”

Super Pups dog treats have 5mg of CBD per treat, and their tincture bottle contains 500mg of CBD. While research is limited and the products are not intended to cure or treat any disease, many dog owners are going to great lengths to help their dog with aging or discomfort/injury with hemp-based CBD products. Super Pups offers fast and free shipping to all of the U.S. at

About Design Wellness

Design Wellness is a premium CBD Marketplace that offers a wide range of the highest quality CBD products found on the market today. With a mission to provide products and information that everyone from friends to grandmothers can benefit from, Design Wellness specializes in the latest CBD products, terpenes, research, and education.

The culmination of years of experience in the legal cannabis industry, co-founders Jay Frentsos and Patrick Kilcoyne have been on a 5 year mission to educate consumers, detigmatize the industry, and help people discover the health benefits of legal cannabis and other cannabinoids.

The world of CBD can be overwhelming, with lots of buzzwords, gimmicks, and poor quality products on the market, which is why Design Wellness stands by the motto “Quality & Simplicity”. Our co-founders believe that everyone should have access to quality CBD and simple information, something you can always expect from our selection of leading CBD products that include Leef Organics, Mary’s Nutritionals, The Cannabomb, Design Wellness, and Super Pups. 

The Design Wellness Team are so excited about the future of CBD and how it can help the world and invite those who would like to learn more about CBD, Design Wellness, and CBD for dogs, to visit today!

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