Supplement Superstore Launches New Site to Improve Customer Experience

2021-03-09 09:00:00 - United States, Michigan - (PR Distribution™)

Supplement Superstore, a premier retailer of supplements and sports nutrition, today announced it is launching a new website to enhance customer experience. The new site — supplementsuperstore.ca — offers a faster, more fluid customer experience.  

“We are proud to offer the biggest and best product selection to our clients, and wanted our website to reflect the superior customer service we offer,” said Richard Penrose, founder and CEO of Supplement Superstore. “The sleeker look and mobile friendly design will allow our customers to more quickly stock up on their favorites or easily discover new, high quality products. We are thrilled to expand our community online in offering the best safe and effective, tried-and-true products.”  

With the goal of helping customers with health and fitness goals, the improved site offers concise product information that provides insight into the product before purchase. Shopify’s recent checkout upgrades, including subscriptions, will be available through the new Supplement Superstore site. For those who routinely need the same products, the subscription option will allow customers to easily sign up for recurring deliveries of their favorite supplements and other products.  

The company pledges responsibility to provide a wide selection of products and the necessary information and advice to find the right solution. Since the opening of Supplement Superstore’s Ontario storefront in 2014, the company has built a following of those looking to better their health and fitness. This website launch will allow Supplement Superstore to further service customers across Canada.  

About Supplement Superstore 
Headquartered in Ontario, Supplement Superstore has been successfully servicing the supplement needs of our customers since 2014. The retailer has built a large and loyal customer base starting from its storefront in Ontario and now servicing the entirety of Canada through its online community.  

Founder and CEO Richard Penrose has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the supplement and sports nutrition business. Every staff member is equally passionate and knowledgeable, sharing Richard’s enthusiasm for helping customers with health and fitness.  The products offered by Supplement Superstore conform to the Canadian health laws and are all carefully chosen to be safe and effective. For more, please visit: supplementsuperstore.ca.  

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