Synergy Life Financial wins 2020 ThreeBestRated® award for top-rated Financial Services in Barrie

03/04/2020 11:00 - Canada, Ontario, Barrie - (PR Distribution™)

For the third year in a row, Synergy Life Financial is one of the Three Best Rated® award-winning Financial Services in Barrie. Its founder Darryl Smith together with his team have helped thousands of people save and grow their money through personalized financial plans that incorporate their work, money and life goals.

Synergy Life Financial is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and I had the opportunity to speak with Darryl Smith about his incredible journey. 

Like many financial advisors, he stepped into this industry as an advisor for a large life insurance company. But as his career progressed, he realized that having access to financial products from only one company wasn’t in the best interest of his clients so he decided to work with as an Independent Financial Advisor which provided him access some of Canada's top insurance and investment companies, which ensured he was providing the best investment and insurance product solutions for his clients.

As an independent advisor, Darryl and his team have always put financial planning before financial products to ensure that their clients have a proper financial foundation in place to protect and grow their wealth. He told me that he’s been helping families and businesses understand, plan and implement informed financial decisions for over 25 years.

When asked about his choice of career, Darryl commented that “I’ve enjoyed every minute, even though the lean years, bear markets and life challenges, I’ve embraced my role with my clients and their families. It’s my passion and my purpose. I spent my summers “vacationing” on my uncle’s farm, I know what hard work is. I understand the value of hard-earned money and how to deal with the uncertainties of life and their financial impact. I understand the importance of saving, protecting and growing one’s wealth – your wealth”.

How do they work?

Darryl explained that he empowers his clients with innovative retirement solutions based on their work, money and life goals with his Navigator Planning System, he says, "it all starts with a down to earth conversation, I need to understand from the client's perspective, what’s important to them as this is the foundation that will be used to help them discover their ideal vision of retirement and design and implement a plan to help clients retire within ten years.”

He also helps business owners plan for the succession of their business and convert their business assets into personal assets to fund their personal visions of retirement with his proprietary planning program called Blue Wealth™.

Top-rated Financial Services:

Synergy Life Financial received their first Three Best Rated® award in 2017, and have been keeping their place in the listing for three years in a row.

Synergy is owned and operated by respected financial advisor, Darryl Smith RFC, a 25-year veteran of the financial services community and proud to be nominated as one of the Three Best Financial Advisors in Barrie ON for the third year in a row. Contact Darryl by email at info@synergylife.ca or visit us at SynergyLife.ca to learn more about how my Navigator and Blue Wealth Programs suits your aspirations for better wealth and an ideal retirement.


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