TAB Street Announces Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

2018-06-29 14:41:47 - BALTIMORE, MD - (PR Distribution™)

TAB Street is announcing today that a crowdfunding campaign has recently been launched on Kickstarter which will run for a period of 30 days. TAB Street is an emerging platform that has listings of food allergy and gluten free restaurants that have been verified for that information. These listings cover restaurants, bakeries, hotels and more. This is perfect for parents, frequent travelers, grandparents, friends and family of a person with food allergies, gluten free and Celiac disease. 

Why is this important?  There are over 15 million people in the US alone with allergies and they range in all ages, from young to old. Those 15 million people have family and friends that don't want to exclude them on eating out adventures, road trips, and travel. So, if you just add one extra person to the 15 million you would have 30 million people who either have or are affected by the disease.

TAB Street is all about empowering everyone, young and old with food allergies, gluten free diet and Celiac Disease. To help the millions of people with food allergies. No matter the size of the town, from rural areas to the city every listing that meets the criteria qualifies. This will allow anyone to pull up at home or on the road and see what is available within 100 miles (location service activate through the website). To see examples check out the Kickstarter campaign page -

Restaurants are taking notice and making the changes to their websites, menus, dedicating kitchen area and training their staff. 

So, how can you help? Did you know that just 1$ can help us towards our goal of being able to help food allergy individuals find restaurants that have gone the extra mile in adding food allergy information to their website. Of course, any amount is appreciated, but it’s nice to know that 1$ can help millions living with food allergies, gluten free and Celiac disease in moving forward.

The campaign seeks to raise $85K which will be used to fund the growth and build the areas of research, and data entry, and to implement features to enhance the site.  For instance, reviews, there currently isn’t the staff to handle overseeing reviews and implement the enhancements, food menu, events, adding resources to continue to help with the research, create work with wages to get listings in quicker, increase marketing, tech and website. 

The website is a work continuous in nature which will grow as our knowledge and resources grow:

• Currently over 3000 listings and growing
• Verified information at time of entry for allergy free and/or gluten free information and sometimes both
• Geolocation up to 100 miles for travel at home or on the road - With geolocation, directions are within the site for listings and the user can choose the range
Only listings that have allergy free and/or gluten free information available on the website
• Food Allergy, food intolerance, Celiac Disease resource
• Restaurants are noticing and making change to their websites, menus, dedicating kitchen area, training their staff
• Can search by one or multiple allergies, city, category, state and current location radius up to 100 miles or a combination thereof

The message from the founder "TAB Street was born out of hunger and desperation after becoming diagnosed later in life with multiple food and environmental allergies. 
Being diagnosed with multiple food allergies later in life it became clear trying to travel either alone or with someone else, finding a place to eat was not an easy thing to do. I thought long and hard before starting this website, wondering if people would find it useful.”  Beate.

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