Talk Home Pledges £31,000 Donation to Provide Support and Communication Services for Afghan Refugees

2021-09-28 21:58:36 - Anchor Brewhouse, 50 Shad Thames, London SE1 2LY, United Kingdom - (PR Distribution™)

Talk Home – a global virtual network service provider that empowers people to stay connected with their loved ones worldwide through the power of cheap and reliable calls announced a £31,000 donation in the form of free SIM cards including minutes, SMS, and data in the wake of the Afghanistan crisis and the massive influx of refugees arriving in the UK. 


Around 10,000 refugees are already quarantined in hotels across the UK, while 5,000 more will arrive in 2021. Most of them usually have no support to maintain contact with family members, including children, in Afghanistan. Talk Home has stepped in to distribute 2,000 Free SIM cards to Afghan refugees coming to the UK.


It’ll not end here; for the next 3 months, all these SIM cards will receive unlimited minutes, SMS, and sizeable data bundles renewed each month allowing Afghan refugees to call and text any number in Afghanistan – entirely free for the first three months.


So, refugees and displaced Afghans can get in touch with their families, communicate with support agencies and always stay safe.


“One of the biggest challenges for those coming in is the need to stay connected with loved ones back home in Afghanistan,” said Asif Karim, CEO of Talk Home. “Providing free SIM cards, SMS, minutes, and mobile data will help refugees to stay connected in these difficult times with family and friends.”


We need “You” to contribyoute to the cause. You can make a difference by donating as little as £2 to help Afghan refugees in this time of need. A few pounds donated by you can help Afghans stay connected with loved ones across the continent.


Marc Ghione, Talk Home's Head of Marketing, stated that "Our aim has always been to create 'Freedom without Borders' and bring family and friends across the world closer together. During difficult times we all need that little bit of extra support, love and joy and hearing the voice of a loved one back home gives us just that!


All your donations will be used to send top-ups to Afghan refugees to stay in touch with their loved ones without any difficulty.


To Donate: Donations Page 


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